Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Opinions

The song that introduced me to Metallica was “Fuel”, which came out around my sophomore year in high school. I love this song and the rest of the album it comes on. In fact, Load and Reload are two of my most favorite albums of Metallica. This is probably how you can tell I’m 35 instead of 40 years old.

My favorite flavor of Ice Cream is Vanilla. You can add anything you want to it. We used to live by a Frozen Custard shop before we moved to Arkansas. We would go down about once a week. I would always get a vanilla concrete with lime flavor, marshmallow, and crushed pretzels. It was kind of like eating a Key Lime Pie in a cup. But, you see, it all started with the vanilla custard.

Soft Serve...Errday!
Soft Serve…Errday!

I am a Liberal/Snowflake/Feminist/Globalist/Progressive/SJW. I am “Politically Correct”. I get “triggered” by certain things. I think it’s ridiculous that it’s THE CURRENT YEAR and we’re still fighting for civil rights for all manner of people. I have a platform here and I aim to use it, however, I will not tear anyone down. They can do a good enough job of that themselves.

(The only reason this is listed as “Unpopular” is because I live in Arkansas now…Not in a bubble I remind you.)


The believe the following bands to be terrible/boring/meh.

  • Coldplay
  • Jane’s Addiction
  • Rolling Stones
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Adele
  • Nirvana
  • Rush
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • Pearl Jam

I also really enjoy Justin Timberlake, Default, Fall Out Boy, Punch Brothers, and many, many other Top 40 hits.



What are some of your Unpopular Opinions?

2 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions

  1. Haha, exactly – I was thinking you’re dating yourself. The In Justice For All album came out when I was in 6 or 7th grade and was like a revolution for me. I saw them live on that tour and later when they were touring with Megadeath and Slayer and Anthrax. – But I still liked the Load and Reload albums though I admittedly heard them much later after they came out.

    1. Yeah, that tour probably would’ve been better than the one they were on when I started listening to them. I think it included Limp Bizkit and Korn. Not that I didn’t listen to those bands (back then), they just don’t seem to go together, especially now. Of course, Metallica plays with Lady Gaga now.

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