Merry Christmas Mrs. BroJo and Kids!!

Well, it’s Christmas!! Hope you’re doing well!!

Since we’re having to spend Christmas apart this year I’ve decided to ask some of my friends to brighten up you Christmas, while away from home.

Love you! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Enjoy the following messages from the blogosphere!

Michelle (Blogging Friend I met in Austin at Blogger Interactive) and Maya, a super cool little girl.

A Christmas Story from A.R.

The silence in the ship lasted for about three Earth seconds. Big Sister J and Big Sister A continued their song.

‘On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,’ J began.

‘Five gas giants!’ A sang with a laugh.

Dance Sister interrupted. ‘You know this solar system only has four Jovians, right?’

Little Miss Princess asked, ‘What’s a Jovian?’

J and A answered at the same time: ‘Jovians are gas giants.’ J continued, ‘Whatever, Sister – it’s our song so we can alter reality if we want.’

Mrs. BroJo interrupted. ‘Hey – don’t make me turn this spaceship around.’ The four fell silent. ‘Now, we’re almost to your surprise.’ She banked toward a small southern planet.

Little Miss Princess leaned over and whispered in Dance Sister’s ear. ‘What do you think it is?’

‘I was hoping for one of those six-legged cats from Triton, but Mom seemed pretty serious when she said no.’

Mrs. BroJo parked and turned to look at the girls. They were all looking out the viewport. ‘So, what do you think?’

No one said a word as BroRo opened the door with a smile.

–          Best Christmas present, ever.

From Frank, new artist blogging buddy I met during Nano Poblano.
From Frank, new artist blogging buddy I met during Nano Poblano.

Mrs. Brojo I wish you every happiness as you go forward with Mr. Brojo and your wonderful family. Happy New Year may it be very bright. ~ Dani Heart

Also from Frank. A composite of several of my blogging friends from the recent of times.
Also from Frank. A composite of several of my blogging friends from recent times.**

I wish you both and your family all the best, and for Little Miss Princess to be as much joy for you as our 26 weeker still is for us 17 years later. ~ Yvonne Spence


From Mr. Tookles

From Controlled Chaos

*Cover photo edited by Rarasaur, original by Frank

**List of Bloggers included in the picture;

Old World New, Ancilla Lubrano, AR Neal, Aussa Lorens, Bill Friday, Green Embers, Punk Rock Papa, Controlled Chaos, T.J. Lubrano, Bold Self, Dean Kelly, The Waiting, Mouse Talks, Julian Gallo, Kozo, DJ Matticus, Mr. Tookles, Rarasaur, Samara, Considerings, Timmy Bee & Jenny Bee.

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