Blogidays 2016

25 Days of Gifts – Day 9 – Friendship

For Blogidays 2016 I will be posting the 25 Days of Gifts. These can be gifts of all shapes and sizes, all materials and non-materials, or gifts that are both given or received. (And they don’t necessarily have to be gifts from Christmas time.)

Day  – 9 – Friendship

Today marks my 5-year Blogiversary. Five years of content, five years of becoming a better blogger writer, five years of connection, and five years of building friendships.

When I started I had no idea what kind of community I was getting myself into. I figured I would post a couple of times a month, trying to bring the Gospel to those outside of my physical reach. The first few bloggers I connected with were of  the Christian/Religious  variety, which was right up my alley at the time*. I don’t see them much anymore. Actually, I’m not sure if they even still post these days.

Over the course of a few months, I gained readers and also became a fan of many, many bloggers. Some of those are still around and some are long gone. Many have become close friends, who I’ve actually met in real life. Others are Facebook friends that I can’t live without. I interact with many of my blogging friends more than I interact with some of my family, mainly, because  –  they ARE my family.

I connected with many people who were going through the same problems I was. I wrote posts for some and gathered with others. We are a family of friends. We are Weblogians. We are the greatest group in the world, from around the world, of the world. We are Family.

Three years ago I wrote This Poem for Christmas, which included many call-outs to bloggers that I knew at the time. A few of them are still around, but not all. I have intentions of updating to include all the new people I’ve come in contact with since that time. I’ve compiled all the names for this updated poem and sent them to xfailurefacex. He has been gracious enough to help me out with a drawing that showcases everyone. This drawing will be uploaded in the post with the updated Poem when it is finished. Until then, please have a sneak-peak. 


This is the first part of our #PepperJam. Can’t wait for more!

Here is a nice badge for everyone to use for this years #Blogidays2016.


How has blogging changed your life? Do you keep up with all the bloggers you’ve met over the years?

*Still is I suppose

I want to thank all of those who have donated to our GoFundMe so far! Now we look towards the next visit, which will be during the first week of December.

Please donate. If you cannot donate, please share. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share this blog. Share the link. There’s even a button up top you can click on.

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