Blogidays 2016

25 Days of Gifts – Day 4 – Christmas Goodies

For Blogidays 2016 I will be posting the 25 Days of Gifts. These can be gifts of all shapes and sizes, all materials and non-materials, or gifts that are both given or received. (And they don’t necessarily have to be gifts from Christmas time.) 

Day  – 4 – Christmas Goodies

I was on October 1st in 2011. I often wonder if people are ever tired of hearing me say this, but I promise, it’s somewhat important for my story.

I had gone to Church regularly for about two months by the time my first holidays as a member came around. I had quit drinking, meaning I had quit hanging out with several of my old friends at that time. I had made a few new friends at Church, which was nice, but I still spent a lot of time in my apartment by myself. There were a couple of families that came to the rescue that year, though.

One family was a husband and wife with a girl. They had me in their home a few times for dinner and General Conference. A week or so before Christmas there was an unexpected knock on my door. The only thing I could think of was maybe my landlord was stopping by for one reason or another, but not this time. No, it was the wife with a plate full of cookies. She said she had made extra and thought I would enjoy them, and boy did I.

The other family is one of three sisters’, who really enjoy cooking and baking. They knew I was single and would often invite me over to partake in their family dinners and game nights. I was out one night when I got a text from one of them asking if I would be home that night, and what my apartment number was. I told them it would be late, but yes. I didn’t give it much more thought until I got home later on. At the top of the stairs, right under my doorway was a plate of all sorts of goodies, similar to the featured image here.

I made sure to share with the Missionaries, but I still ended up gaining several pounds that Christmas.

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What are your favorite Christmas Goodies? Who’s your favorite Christmas Goodie maker? 

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