Blogidays 2016

25 Days of Gifts – Day 3 – The Holy Ghost

For Blogidays 2016 I will be posting the 25 Days of Gifts. These can be gifts of all shapes and sizes, all materials and non-materials, or gifts that are both given or received. (And they don’t necessarily have to be gifts from Christmas time.) 

Day  – 3 – The Holy Ghost

I believe that everyone has encounters with the Holy Ghost. We call it different things and interpret how the message comes to us in different ways.

After being baptized five years ago I received The Gift of the Holy Ghost, which is a belief that we have that allows us the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit, as long as we are keeping the commandments.

Since receiving this Gift I’ve had several promptings that have helped me along the way. The most recent prompting is from this afternoon. Around lunch time Mrs. BroJo called me in a bit of a panic. She was missing a couple of notebooks that contained some important papers that would help her with her appointment next week. We went through a few different scenarios on where these notebooks might be, everything from forgotten at the hotel room to stolen from an airport worker.

Mrs. BroJo and I weren’t having any luck finding them. Not in her suitcase, not in their usual spot at home, not in the truck. I called the hotel to check if we had left them in our room. I was told that if anything was found it would be in the lost-and-found box, which is locked up during the weekend. They wouldn’t be able to tell us if they’re in the box until Monday. I really didn’t want to call Mrs. BroJo with this news, but I did anyway.

I called to tell her the news and started walking around the apartment looking around again. I hadn’t looked in our second bedroom yet so I wondered in there while talking on the phone. I looked around and didn’t see much at first. This is the room where Mrs. BroJo packed everything up in. When I was ready to walk out I looked down and noticed the exact two notebooks Mrs. BroJo was looking for.

I fully believe something outside of myself directed me to go and look in that room, while I was on the phone with Mrs. BroJo. They weren’t lost. I was able to take pictures of the sheets she needed and send them to her. Day Saved.

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Do you ever get promptings? Are you ever quiet enough to hear these promptings? 

I want to thank all of those who have donated to our GoFundMe so far! Now we look towards the next visit, which will be during the first week of December.

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