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To The Voters of Nodaway County, Missouri

I’ve recently found out that your current Sherrif (Darren White) doesn’t understand what rape is. Now, I’m not sure if this is because the white, seventeen-year-old young men in your county have been tied to local politicians when they decided to rape two fourteen-year-olds, or maybe he really is just that dense.

Here is the Sex Offenders website for Nodaway County. It’s not complete, though, I believe it should have AT LEAST one more picture listed.

Douche bag that needs a new job
This One

He may not have committed the crime, but he for sure has done nothing to perpetuate law & order in regards to this case. Here are a few of the things he’s had to say, about a 17-year-old raping a 14-year-old.

“It serves to benefit people’s causes by making a lot of things up that really didn’t happen and really doesn’t exist, but don’t underestimate the need for attention – especially young girls.”

“Nothing that occurred that night ever, ever rose to the level of the elements of the crime of rape.”

And this one, towards the end of the documentary…

“Girls have as much culpability in this world as boys do. So everybody has to take their part of it.”

Off-camera, the filmmaker points out that in this case, the crimes were committed by the boys.

“Were they?” *laughs*

Guess what? Sherrif White is up for re-election, tomorrow. You have another choice. That choice is Randy Stong. Here are some of his awards and commendations, dating back over 35 years.

1. August 25, 1980, Letter of Commendation, performance above and beyond the assignment.

2. May 1, 1995, Letter of Commendation for performance in the Karen Hawkins homicide, January 1996.

3. Recognized by United States Attorney Stephen Hill for work done on United States v. James Kish

4. “Honored by U.S. Attorney Steven Hill for work on U.S.A. vs. Tony Emery, August 1998

5. “Crime Scene Photographer of the Year” – Law Enforcement Division of the Mid-America Chapter of Professional Photographers Association. April 12, 1999.

6. Honored by the “Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.” April 1999

7. “Officer of the Year” presented by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Department of Juvenile Justice for work done on the Bobbi Jo Stinnett homicide. May 2005.

8. Invitation to the Oval Office by President George W. Bush for work done on the Bobbi Jo Stinnett homicide. May 2005

9. Northwest Missouri Law Enforcement Award for Valor. November 2005

10. Letter of Commendation, Holt County Sheriff, Burglary, State vs. John Moran Jr., June 2014

And 11. I’m pretty sure he knows what the definition of rape is.

This sort of position transcends partisanship. There are many positions that are unopposed in this county. The majority of them will be won by Democrats. The current Sherriff is listed as a Democrat.  Please try to look past the big “D” or “R” when deciding who you may vote for. There are more important factors than labels in this year’s election. Who do you want protecting your daughter’s welfare?


I don’t even know what to ask about this one. Do you vote straight tickets? Why? Can you help me get this in front of the many eyes of Nodaway County? Thanks!

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