Help for Little Miss Princess

Hey, Guys!

So, we need a little bit of help. We are gearing up for visits to San Diego this next week and the first week of November. Mrs. BroJo is going it alone for this latest visit, but Little Miss Princess (LMP) will be accompanying her in November, and for each subsequent visit afterward, as long as we can afford them.

Mrs. BroJo is visiting her kids in San Diego. Kids that just so happen to be LMP’s big sisters and brother. We would like to continue these visits so LMP can get to know her big sisters and brother in person as much as she can.


The visits are expensive, and we could probably handle them on our own if it weren’t for the fact that LMP was born over three months premature. We have to take care of the medical cost, meaning money is going to be tight for the next couple of years.

Other extenuating circumstances are causing us to have to visit Mrs. BroJo’s kids, instead of having them visit us. We can get into that a little bit later.

Because of all of this, we decided to create a GoFundMe to help LMP raise some travel funds to go visit her brother and sisters (along with Mommy and Daddy)

Here is the link if you would like to donate or share.

I’ve also added a GoFundMe badge to the sidebar over there that will take you directly to the page. If anyone is interested in having one of these badges let me know, I can totally hook you up.

Thank you so much for any help you can give.

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