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Freedom! ’90 – Baby Girl Post 3 – Adventures In The NICU

May 23rd, 2016

You were born on March 17th, 2016 – 1lb 15oz, 13.5″ long – 14 weeks early. You’re doing great!

I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone. I want to keep track of your life and also update you on what’s going on in the world these days. I also want to get back into posting more regularly, so I’ve decided to give you weekly updates, preferably on Mondays. I plan on offering you updates and news from each day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Also, since the 90’s offered the best music of all time I’m going to name each post after a 90’s song, which will be required listening for you when you get old enough to check it out. I’ll do my best to pick a song that goes along with some sort of theme for the week. Enjoy!

Sunday – May 15th

Today was a majorly lazy day. In the evening, we told our nurse a large part of our life stories. We enjoy telling it because sometimes we need to be reminded of how we came together. We were also told not to expect to see you in an open crib for at least a few days.

Monday-May 16th

I drove to work in the rain listening to Slacker Radio on my phone. My friend Aussa posted about a troll who was very mean to her on the internet. I think maybe I react differently to these types of things now that you’re here. It would’ve bothered me before, but today it was very hard to let go of how wrong it felt. Stay away from all boys and men. They’re not all bad, but still…stay away! Oh, you were moved to an open crib today!

(I really want to see Captain America)

Tuesday-May 17th

I stayed in bed an extra hour this morning because it was raining. Mommy was really happy about this. She always likes extra cuddle time, so you better get used to it. You turned two months old today!! We had a dance party in your room with “What is Love?” and “Ice Ice Baby”. You really liked it! The nurse we had this night was the same one from Sunday night, who told us not to expect to see you in an open crib. She was very surprised when she showed up. She also had fun going back and forth with Uncle Buss during Facebook live.

Bernie Sanders won Oregon and essentially tied in Kentucky. He has won 21 primaries or caucuses so far. People think he should drop out. Hopefully, he stays in until the end.

(I really, really want to see Captain America!)

Wednesday-May 18th

I forgot to change my alarm back so I stayed in bed for an extra hour this morning too. Our friend Carrie Rubin is stepping away from blogging to concentrate on her writing career, which is very exciting. It’s bittersweet, but I’m happy to see her do it. (We’ll still see her Twitter, Facebook, and other things. Don’t worry)

We let you rest most of the time today since you seemed to need it. The featured image is from today.

Thursday-May 19th

The new trailer for Ghostbusters came out. There are many people up in arms because of this movie, a lot mainly because they’re sexist, angry men.  An article called them out on this on Yahoo, and guess what? 19 out of the first 20 comments were from sexist, angry men stating that they weren’t sexist or angry…then proving themselves wrong. The internet sucks sometimes.

(I can’t believe how much I want to see Captain America!!!!)

Friday-May 20th

I had to stand up to fix my calendar, at work today. When I went to sit back down I didn’t check to make sure my chair was there and I fell right on my butt. Nobody saw it, but for some reason, I’m letting the whole world know that it happened. You farted on my face today. Paybacks are a witch! (Mommy did too! I’ll get her before I get you.)

(OMGosh….I saw Captain America tonight, it was sooooooooo good!!!!!)

Saturday-May 21st

We visited the Farmer’s Market today and picked up some great produce. We are getting really excited for when we’ll be able to buy our own place and grow our own food. I’m sure you can’t wait to help us. You weighed in at 4lbs 9.2ozs tonight. They’ve had a tough time trying to bottle feed you, but you still manage to put some down here and there. You’re breathing a little too fast and we don’t want your food to go down the wrong pipe.

Today’s title (Ear Worm) brought to you by George Michael, Freedom! ’90. My favorite line from the song…

 I just hope you understand
Sometimes the clothes
Do not make the man

As we said before, you were moved into an open crib!! You’ve stayed in there all week long, without having to go back. More progress. We’ll take it.


3 thoughts on “Freedom! ’90 – Baby Girl Post 3 – Adventures In The NICU

  1. I’m just against unnecessary sequels or re-imaginations, etc. regardless of gender of cast. Captain America was amazingly good though, much better than Age of Ultron 🙂

    Rock on, Baby Girl!

  2. I was one of those people, but I’m not a sexist, angry male. Just sick to death of remakes, reboots, or whatever. Can’t they just leave the 80s & 90s how it was & come up woth something original for a change? But hey, you know me, movie nut & all. 😛

    If they only knew the story of how you became the Don of all Dons, Don BroJo.

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