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Barely Breathing – Baby Girl Post 1 – Adventures In The NICU

May 9th, 2016

You were born on March 17th, 2016 – 1lb 15oz, 13.5″ long – 14 weeks early. You’re doing great!

I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone. I want to keep track of your life and also update you on what’s going on in the world these days. I also want to get back into posting more regularly, so I’ve decided to give you weekly updates, preferably on Mondays. I may have stolen the idea (partly) from a friend in Texas. I plan on offering you updates and news from each day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Also, since the 90’s offered the best music-of all time-I’m going to name each post after a 90’s song, which will be required listening for you when you get old enough to check it out. I’ll do my best to pick a song that goes along with some sort of theme for the week. Enjoy!

Sunday – May 1st

We attended the Ward in the area we plan on moving to when you are finally able to come home. We had a great time! Everyone was very nice and attentive to our story. Sunday school was very fun, as well as our other classes. And, turns out, an online friend of your Mommy’s is in that Ward, so, bonus!

Monday-May 2nd

At the 8 o’clock feeding we were able to help give you a bath. You did very well during your first bath, and then became less and less happy with them over the next few days. During this bath you cried, but just a little. The “Featured Image” for this post was taken that night. Your mommy really likes to strike a pose for the camera!

Tuesday-May 3rd

Early morning, about 3am, I scared your mommy (almost) to death. During the night I somehow managed to position my arm under her pillow. At the above mentioned time I started to “tickle” her head. The noise that came out of her woke me up, and can only be described as what it might sound like if a sleeping woman would have a ghost — sit on her face. Also, later that night we were cleaning our dishes and a bubble floated up in the air. She caught sight of it and made the same sound, so, she’s also scared of bubbles.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican Primary race, all but giving the GOP nomination to Donald Trump. There are two different outcomes from this in your future. Either you know perfectly well who General Trump is, or he’s done a Howard Hughes and comes out for sunlight every five or so years. Also, Ted Cruz may be the President of Texas by then. If so, we don’t visit Texas.

Wednesday-May 4th

John Kasich dropped out of the Republican Primary race, sealing up Donald Trump’s nomination. Oh, you don’t know who John Kasich is? Don’t worry, nobody else does either, except for maybe Carrie Rubin, our author friend from Ohio.

This is also Star Wars day – May the Fourth be with you! (You will totally love Star Wars!)

Thursday-May 5th

Today I picked up my very first La-Z-Boy recliner. Your Meme (my mom) works there now and was able to get us a good deal. I’m very excited about this.

In North Carolina a Tow Truck driver left a disabled woman behind because she supported a Presidential Candidate that he didn’t like. He claimed that God told him to. Quick note – I’m pretty sure God Don’t Work That Way.

There are also people upset because of a proposed twenty-dollar bill design that would have Harriet Tubman on the front instead of Andrew Jackson. Harriet was an abolitionist, humanitarian and a spy for the United States Army, during the Civil War. Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States. He was also a slave owner and he had a large hand in removing Native Americans from their natural homelands. Here’s a quick rundown, just so you don’t get confused…




We don’t judge people because of their color, race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability or size. We judge based on hair color. Gingers don’t have souls*, stay away from all of them. Except for Ed Sheeran and Alex Clare, they’re cool.

Friday-May 6th

I used my Chase bank card for the last time today. Your Mommy and me now have joint banking accounts, meaning that your Mommy can now see what Daddy gets for lunch everyday. This means Daddy’s lunch habits have to change a tad. When looking back at our pictures from this time period you may think to yourself Who’s that portly gentleman that Mommy is hanging all over, and why is his magnificent beard so short? Yep, that’s me!

Saturday-May 7th

We got our hair did today! We also visited with your Gramps and Uncle Buss. With our new phones we’re able to help everyone keep up with you so much better now. Today we showed you Live on Facebook for the first time. You’re basically famous!

Today’s title (Ear Worm) brought to you by Duncan Sheik, Barely Breathing. Favorite line from this song…

I only taste the saline when I kiss away your tears

You’re doing great with your breathing, but it could be better. This week they switched you to a less abrasive oxygen machine, but you were having too many events, so they switched you back. However, you are using less oxygen, just with a bit more pressure. Keep up the good work!

*We don’t really think this.**

**Or do we?

10 thoughts on “Barely Breathing – Baby Girl Post 1 – Adventures In The NICU

    1. Ah, Samara. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. You are absolutely in the “Go” column of our “Go/No-Go” check list. *talks out of side of mouth while covering it up* (Also, I wasn’t sure if that was your natural color. Sorry!)

      Thanks! Love right back at you.

  1. Congrats, a St. Patty baby!
    Re: the tow truck driver – god’s only a problem when he’s in one’s head, and not in one’s heart.
    And I’m pretty sure politics is a godless endeavor. 😉

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