a sonder file: date, v.V

I’m guesting over at Rara’s. Have a look!


It’s BroJo  or as the Stories crew is wont to call him– Don BroJo!  We’re sondering along, but now we’re in Texas, as Jon takes us with him on his fourth date.  We talk about experiences shared, and how that sharing is a strong beginning to a bright new world.

Welcome to the Sonder Files.


At least I think it was the fourth date. Hold on a second, lemme do a rundown just to make sure.

First date: Turkish Diner, Half Priced Books, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Long hug in the parking lot.

Second date: Steamed Dumplings, Days of Thunder on the big screen, Fresh baked cookies, Nice Kiss goodnight.

Third date: Empanadas, All day Church Singles activity, Food Trucks, hot make out sesh, Two kisses goodnight.

Yep, it was the fourth date. I remember it like it was yesterday. Almost all of our dates back then occurred on Wednesday…

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