Perspective is a funny thing. On any given day there are several different possibilities of what you might think of me when our paths cross. My wife thinks me cute. My mother, handsome. Several others probably do their best to stay away. I’m a bigger guy, with a scary beard. There is one thing I’ve always noticed, though, children and animals. They tend to like me. I’m gentle and unassuming, as long as I’m not in city traffic.

We have neighbors, just like everyone else. We don’t know our neighbor’s names, at least I don’t. The neighbor upstairs has a little boy and little dog. The boy is about six or seven and the dog has paws made of bricks. The neighbors across from us are the friendliest. They always have Hellos and How-You-Doings when we meet. They’re good people, I can just tell.

They go to Church. I know this because I see them arrive home at about the same time every Sunday, in nicer clothes than what they regularly wear. We go to Church too, usually in nicer clothes than what we wear during the week. Before joining the Church I owned one suit, and it doesn’t fit at the moment. The only reason I had it was to perform a wedding for some friends a few years ago. Now, I own four suits and four coats as well.

The one suit I owned before joining the Church
The one suit I owned before joining the Church

A few weeks ago our neighbors were standing outside when we got home from Church. I’m pretty sure that I just had on a jacket and tie, nothing special. The gentleman exclaimed “Whoa! Are you the preacher at your Church?” I laughed and said, “No, we just dress up every Sunday” then headed into the apartment. He didn’t notice the stain on my shirt, the crinkle in my pants, or the scuff on my shoes.

To him I looked as if I could be the leader of a Church. In our Church I can be a leader, if called on. I don’t wish to take that on in this time of my life, but if called I would do it. Especially now, knowing this man thinks so highly of me, and he doesn’t even know me. Being called by someone prompted by our Heavenly Father, who knows us perfectly? Yep, I think I can handle that…just not yet. 😉

My newest suit, and probably my most favorite right now.
My newest suit, and probably my most favorite right now.

5 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. It’s always a bit weird to get your head around other people thinking you can do things like that. I’ve been told fairly recently that I’m an answer to prayer. I generally answer “Well, God does have a mighty strange sense of humour, doesn’t He?” because I know only too well my own faults. However, when the opportunity arises for you, I’m sure you’ll be perfectly able to complete the challenge.

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