One Month Lunaversary

Today is our One-Month Wedding Lunaversary. How are things going? Thanks for asking. Things are going great! Absolutely no complaints from me. We’re gearing up for the holidays, with Halloween decorations on the front door and plans to look at Halloween lights in the very near future. I’m sure this is going to start a trend that involves decorations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Arbor Day, Cinco de Mayo, Doughnut Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Pioneer Day, Senior Citizen’s Day and many, many more.

We are also excited for our trip back home next month. We will be celebrating our Marriage with my family and friends  in Missouri. We will have about a week together alone, essentially a second Honey Moon just a few months after we’re married. We’re not sure what the reception will entail. Maybe food, maybe dessert, maybe water. I’m not really concerned with those details, just looking forward to seeing everyone.

We are also in the process of starting a new blog based around our Marriage.  More to come on this.

How’s your Monday going today? How’s your Month going? How’s your year going? 

5 thoughts on “One Month Lunaversary

  1. Especially Doughnut Day!

    It’s exciting to watch a new adventure from the beginning! Be encouraged when opposition does occur That IS the definition of “adventure ” after all. Keep adventuring!

    And ponderizing.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to seeing you guys next month. And you are absolutely right to not stress about refreshments and stuff. I’m sure a few of us would be happy to make sheet cake to feed the crowd if you guys want 🙂

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