It’s funny how things work out sometimes. You start your life out with certain ideas of what your future is going to hold. The older you get the potential for growing further from original “life ideas” occurs.

At one point in time I wanted to settle down in Missouri and start a family. That didn’t work out.

Then, I wanted to settle down in Texas. That’s almost come to bear.

I had thought about closing this blog down, but in a timely manner I was called once again as a Ward Missionary. It shall go on…but I have no current motivation to write. Or, at least I didn’t think I did.

Last week the fiancé suggested that we start a joint blog together, the first post being centered around our wedding. This give me motivation. Of course this motivation will kick in later on, as always. 

I was told…


So, I suppose I will make a greater effort to reconnect with everyone.

How is all of your guy’s Summer going? Any big news or plans?

7 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Be surprised, my beloved brother. Continue to be very surprised. As my time grows short, I see that we’re each living an epic adventure, and that in even the harshest parts of the adventure, we were never alone.

    Oh, such a wonderful life you’re building! May your new love be eternal, even as you, she, and our Lord create new love to bring into this world. Never, ever give up!

  2. Ooh, yay for Rara kicking your butt to keep you here!

    As for my summer, well, I’ve survived four of the five days of our summer chapter meetings. Last day tomorrow, then a lovely 7 day retreat to follow. I hope I can catch up on some sleep in that time!

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