I’m Getting Married! – The Prelude

So, I’ve been pretty silent lately, but for good reason. I’m Getting Married! 

I think there are plenty people out there who would like to know our journey, so I’m going to do my best to fill y’all in during the next few months. These posts will be my last ones on Brother Jon’s Page. No, I’m not quitting blogging. After the wedding I will no longer be “Brother Jon”, I will also be “Husband Jon” and maybe even soon after “Daddy Jon”. I’m not going to delete this site, I’ll just discontinue posts on it. I’ll be gearing up to bring out a new blog towards the beginning of next year. I wrote the above sentences before Sunday. On Sunday I was extended a calling as a Ward Missionary. This was the first calling I received after joining the Church and the reason for originally starting this blog. This blog will continue as is. I promise…

Until then let me give you a peek at out first encounter.

First encounter

As you can see, this sequence of messages happened on November 1st of 2014. This exchange was short and sweet. Apparently I was supposed to continue the conversation, but being the man that I am, I was a bit too dense to know to do so. It would be about four more months before our next encounter.

Please stay tuned for Part 1.

What’s going on in your life? Any big changes? 

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