An Introvert’s Reveal, Humor-Free

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Carrie Rubin

I suspect I’ll bloat with nausea the moment I hit publish on this post, because I’m about to reveal more than I normally would. But I take solace in the fact knowing I’m likely not alone. That’s the beauty of this inter-connected world.

Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art


If I sold a book every time someone online told me I can’t be an introvert because I’m so “outgoing” on social media, I’d have a bestseller.

But there are two reasons why I’m outgoing online:

1) The Internet is easier for an introvert to navigate than the face-to-face world


2) I have to be.

Just as I did in my professional life, I step into my mask and play my role, a role I’ve perfected over the years.

That isn’t to say my interactions are phony. On the contrary. Like most introverts, they are heartfelt and sincere. We’re an…

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