Is She Cute?

This is the first question I get, from the majority of people I know, when they find out that I’ve gone out with someone.

I’m not sure what this question really means.

I mean, I know what you’re trying to ask me, but I’m just confused as to why you would ask me such a thing.

How would you expect me to answer this question anyways? I’m I supposed to be objective or subjective, or does it even matter? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Or, are we all beautiful in our own ways? But, you didn’t ask me if she was beautiful, did you? (Which she is) No, you asked “Is she cute?”

I don’t like this question because I feel it has the potential to imply some very unpleasant things. What does that say about me when you ask this question? I’m I not deserving, or capable of finding a “cute” girl to go out with? Are only “cute” girls worthy of being asked out? Are you only referring to her looks?

Cute can totally go more than skin deep. Maybe she doesn’t know how to use chop sticks very well, or she talks to her food before she eats it.

Anyway, I’m just going to ask from now on that you try to find different questions to ask me. For instance, try one of these on for size next time

Is she smart?

Is she funny?

Is she nice?

Is she caring?

Is she real?

Does she make you happy?

How are things going for you guys? Do you have any questions for me?

14 thoughts on “Is She Cute?

  1. How about this one: Does she make your motor run? or How about: Does she take your breath away? You know they are just trying to find it if you felt a spark and think this one might go a little farther or last longer than previous ones. As they say in my business, “don’t over think it”.

    1. I try to avoid asking personal or embarrassing questions such as that. I’d ask “How much does she weigh?”


    2. I’m not quite sure yet. I’ve cooked for her a couple of times. She’s a reformed vegan/vegetarian (can’t really help it, being from California and all). I’m looking forward to it, whenever it may happen. I have high hopes.

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