What have you promised never to do, because you remember?

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Stories that Must Not Die

This post originally went up on Marvelous Pigs in Satin by the wonderful GlowWorm. On her site you can usually read post about crafts, pregnancy, cleaning tips, recipes and awesome cross-country road trips. Today she shares something very personal and powerful about alcohol and what harm it can do. 

I was three.

But I remember the night my father was brought home with a forehead full of glass and a broken hip.
I remember two of the friends who came to help my mother.

A few miles of rolling Missouri fields away, the police were telling my aunt that her husband would not be coming home, ever.

My father and my uncle had driven together to a church meeting that evening.

On their drive home, as they crested a hill, a car full of drunk teenagers crossed the center line and hit them head-on.

My uncle, who was driving, was killed instantly.

My father…

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