At various points in my life I’ve been consumed by different things.

As a child the idea of being an adult consumed me. This had more to do with all of those great infomercials back in the day. *Must be 18 to order* I so wanted to be 18.

Entering “adulthood” I found myself consumed by worry and stress. College wasn’t working out very well and I was just starting to ruin my credit. I so wanted to be a kid again.

In my twenties I was consumed by alcoholism, nicotine and other addictions. I wanted to do whatever I could to make myself forget about myself. I so wanted to not be.

From my late twenties to early thirties the Jaycees consumed me. I wanted to do, do, do in my community and it got in the way of the rest of my life and my job. I so wanted others to be.

A year ago this blog consumed me. Today I found notes at work from when I first started. I haven’t taken notes since then. A year ago I would have three, four and even five posts scheduled to go. I so wanted to be read.

Today, in the sense of “Now”, my work consumes me. This is good though. I average 60 hours a week, but I enjoy it. I like what I do and strive to be better each day. I so want to be the best me.

I wonder how long it will take me to get all of this life stuff all balanced out. I can be. I can be a kid again. I can help other be. I can be read. All at the same time. But when? Hopefully soon.

It’s officially been 16 days since my last post. I don’t see them coming at a quicker rate in the near or distant future. Please hang in there though, I’m still around.

7 thoughts on “Cunsumed

  1. Sometimes we have to concentrate on one thing and let others slide for a bit. But they’ll be there for us when they get back to them.

    Or you could do like Luther did – start each day with a good 4 hours of prayer, and then apparently you’re able to fit everything in. (I have no idea how that maths works out, I suspect that the Almighty has a large hand in it somewhere.)

  2. Life is a series of ebbs and flows. I’ve learned we can’t always do everything at once. Usually something has to go at any particular time. But that doesn’t mean it has to go away forever, or even completely. We’ll come back to it when we can. 🙂

  3. Oh, wait you don’t even have kids yet. You can’t even imagine consumed yet. What you have experienced so far was just the pre-game stretch for having kids. Consumed begins at birth and doesn’t really ebb because those crazy kids have bring something even better into your life, grandkids.

  4. To everything there is a season….your blogging quantity may have gone down, but the quality has steadily and exponentially gone up since you first began blogging way back. We’ll stick around because what you write is good and worth reading!

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