127 Hours

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by and dedicated to Ned Hickson at Ned’s Blog please enjoy the following.

Ned is probably one of the hardest working writers out there. At least that’s how it seems. You can read his blog, his column, his book or see him contribute to Long Awkward Pause. I also have some inside information that Ned will be contributing to this site in a couple of weeks. On top of all of this he is also a volunteer firefighter, with phenomenal hair. Can we be so sure that Ironman is really Tony Stark? Have you ever seen Tony and Ned in the same place? I think not. 

Ned....and Ned, and Ned... ( guessed it, Ned)
Ned….and Ned, and Ned… (Credit…you guessed it, Ned)

Anyways, back to the 127 hours…

I’ve wanted to include Ned in my 52 weeks of bloggers for some time now. The past two weeks have offered me a good reason to do so, having worked a combined one-hundred and twenty-seven hours. That’s sixty hours for last week and sixty-seven hours for this past week. I think Ned knows a little something about hard work and about overtime. It really didn’t happen on purpose, but it did nonetheless. It makes a difference when you actually enjoy what you do, whether as a living or your extracurriculars. I do and I think Ned does too. I’m worn out, but I still feel good. I’m definitely ready for the five days I’ll be off for Christmas in Missouri. Happy Holidays!!

This is also why I’m posting this at the eleventh hour…

What do you have planned for the holidays?

How does your work react to the holiday season? Busy? Slow? 

5 thoughts on “127 Hours

  1. You’re too kind, Jon! Possibly a symptom of working too many hours.
    Enjoy the much-earned break and happy holidays! I’m looking forward to being a part of what you do here 😉

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