Day of Giving

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by, and dedicated to Stacie at Gemini Girl in a Random World please enjoy the following.

Stacie and I started our blogs about the same time, December of 2011. It was soon after that we found each other. I really love her writing and I’m excited to see her doing the 25 Days of Giving this year, more to read! I should also point out her smile. That’s the first thing I noticed when we started following each other. I also love how balanced she is in all of her post that deal with “touchy” subjects. It’s refreshing to see someone who can look at both sides before providing even-tempered insight. She also spells her name with an IE instead of a Y. I’m glad I caught that when I did. 

On day two of the 25 Days of Giving she talked about her Dad going up to bat for her at Miami University. This reminded me of something my Dad did for me back in High School. 

Gemini Girl in a Random World. Credit to Stacy.
Gemini Girl in a Random World. Credit to Stacie.

Anyways, Back to the Thanks!

My Freshman year of High School was probably my worst, academically. In fact, the previous year, in eighth grade, was the first year that I was able to join the A-B Honor Roll, which is something that I had never done until then. The end of my Sophomore year, into my Junior and Senior years I really hit my stride, making mostly A’s. But, my Freshman year I was still figuring it out.

During that year I had to take a Government class. A short, bald man taught this class. He also coached some of our sports, which seemed like something he may have been more inept at doing. I don’t think he really liked teaching all that much. For instance, each Friday we didn’t really have “class”, we would either play some game that involved maps or watch a television program that related to History or Government. Most kids loved this, and I probably did at the time too, but looking back it really seems like a total waste of time.

So, this was a fairly simple class, but I just didn’t get it. I didn’t connect with the teacher or the material…or something. The thing is I think I just didn’t care, at all, about this class (like the teacher) and that probably showed. We didn’t really get along all that well either. We never had words or disagreements, but I felt somewhat mistreated a time or two.

The first time was when we were taking a test. I was struggling and kept on looking up, into space – or at the board, whatever I could do to jog my memory for that test. I noticed that he noticed me a few times. He eventually came over and told me “keep your eyes on your on paper”. This horrified me. I’d never cheated a day in my life, at least not on a test. (Yes, we High Schoolers would often compare homework before class. I think that’s normal, hopefully) After this I struggled even more.

The second time happened about the same time as our mid-term progress reports came out. I was making a D in the class. I never claimed to be smart, but I seldom made D’s in school. This was just a problem with me turning in my homework. One day in class we were about to head off to lunch. It must have been a colder day because he was putting his jacket on, very close to me. As his hand exited the arm hole it hovered around my head. He playfully slapped my head a few times. It didn’t hurt, and I didn’t think much about it. I should have kept it to myself, but I decided to tell my mom and dad.

Mom wanted to kill him, because hey, she’s Mom. I think I talked her out of it, because I don’t remember anything else about him and her. Dad though, he decided to meet with this teacher, mainly to talk about my D in his class. I was nervous about this because I didn’t know what Dad would do or say. He kind of always just did what he wanted. He truly doesn’t care what others think about him, which can be very scary if your his kid.

He told me that the meeting went well, and that he could tell that this teacher was very, very nervous to talk to him. My grade had magically come up to a C since the time of the progress reports. I don’t remember how well I did in the class since then, but I do remember not having anymore trouble from this teacher.

Thanks Dad

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2 thoughts on “Day of Giving

  1. What a kind, thoughtful thing you did for me today…thank you Jon! One of the things I love most about this 25 Days of Giving Challenge is reconnecting with friends from home, high school, college, and the amazing WordPress blogging community. I’m so happy to see that you’re still at it. I’m also glad your Dad went to bat for you with that teacher. Who’d think that something so seemingly small would end up being so big? It’s the little things that matter the most. Have a great weekend, and thanks for taking the time to be so kind. =)

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