Thanksgiving Surprise!

Today I’m over at Stories That Must not Die telling the story of my Thanksgiving. Please hop on over and have a read.

Stories that Must Not Die

I’ve heard that this time of year is sometimes a problem for those with depression and suicidal thoughts. I’m not sure if that’s actually true or not, but if it is let’s have a happy post as we begin the Holiday Season. I searched for “Thanksgiving Songs” and What a Wonderful World* really jumped out at me. I hope you  like it too.

This past weekend I traveled home for Thanksgiving. My Mom recently moved back to South West Missouri, making it easier for me to visit everyone during the Holidays. My expectations for this weekend were fairly normal; Dinner at Mom’s on Thursday, followed by a day of catching up with old friends and then Dinner at Dad’s on Saturday. I had it all planned out, even my trip to the local Chinese Restaurant for the dish that can only be found within a seventy-five mile radius of Springfield…

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