Deal The Cards

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by, and dedicated to David Harding please enjoy the following. 

The first ever “blogger interview” I did was by accident, with David. Till this day it is still my favorite, and probably the funniest one. He doesn’t hang around the blog world these days, but he isn’t standing by idle. Along with being a children’s book author, not long ago he created a card game called Elevenses: The Card Game of Morning Tea. He worked with a great friend of ours to make the game come to life, artist and blogger TJ Lubrano. I featured her on these weekly posts some time ago. You can read that here. Soon after that hit game, he created another called One Zero One. I’m hearing rumors that he has hooked up with TJ to design yet another card game. Keep up the good work David! I’m very excited for all the good things that are happening for you. 

Yeah, whatever. I wrote a book. Big Deal! (Credit to David.)
Yeah, whatever. I wrote a book. Big Deal! (Credit to David.)

Anyways, Back to the Cards!

If you spend enough time at my dads house you will inevitably end up playing a few hands of Gin Rummy. This isn’t really the hardest card game to play, but there is some amount of strategery needed to be a fairly good player. I don’t necessarily have the best know-how, but I’m decent enough. My dad though, he’s pretty good, and a bit more competitive than I am. When I was home, nearly a year ago, for Christmas and New Years I stayed the week with him. Many of these impromptu games happened during this week.

On one particular afternoon we were playing, and I was winning. He dealt me what is known as a “no-brainier”. From the start I needed two cards to make Gin. The first card came rather quickly, and I could tell he was a little agitated from that. The second card came just a few turns later. He picked up the card I needed and discarded it quickly. I looked at it and then up at him, he knew something was up. I let out a little snicker and exclaimed “Gin”, with a smirk. Before I could lay my hand down he tossed his cards clear into my face. I couldn’t continue playing because I was laughing so hard. He couldn’t continue because….well, just because.

I don’t think we’ve had a chance to play since then. I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays so we can play again.

*Featured Image Credit: This Tumbler Account

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