My Grandma is Cooler than Yours (The Bouqs Review)

She’s not your average Grandma either. We don’t even call her “Grandma”. She deserves more than that. It’s kinda like this.

I call my Grandma Grammie. (Check out those cups in the video. In-N-Out burger shout out!)

My Grammie is from North Carolina. She met my Grandfather, who was from Rhode Island, a little over thirty-five years ago. They married soon after that. I wasn’t around at the time, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t really understand each other for the first few years, on account of their accents of course. It all turned our for the best though.

Here are my grandparents from back in the day. I use this picture because I'd probably get in trouble for using a new one. "That better not go on Facebook" Yes Grammie.
Here are my grandparents from back in the day. I use this picture because I’d probably get in trouble for using a new one. “That better not go on Facebook” Yes Grammie.

She is a COO of a Retirement Management firm in the Seattle, Washington area. At the end of her name she has letters like MBA, CPA and EA. I don’t know what they mean, but they sure do sound important. At one point in time she worked for Planet Hollywood, you know, that place that used to be really awesome and actually make money. Yeah, she worked there, back when it was cool. Before Schwarzenegger was the Govenator. Back when Bruce Willis still had some hair. Heck, Stallone wasn’t even Expendable back then. Well, maybe…

My Grammie was cool before Ice Age came out, and I’m not talking about the movie. (Note: She’s not that old… I just wanted to make my point). So, when I had the chance to send some flowers from a new up and coming company I knew she was going to be the one to receive them. I’m of course talking about

I’m not much of a flower giver, but I understand the importance behind the gesture. My train of thought usually falls under the “well, they’re just going to die, so why bother?”. You know why you should bother? Because people like flowers, and it’s not about you. The problem with flowers though is that it’s not so easy to find the ones you like and send them without some sort of hassle. Either it’s extra for that, or “Hey, we forgot to tell you about shipping cost” or “Don’t forget the teddy bear and chocolates!” It always starts out with a button that says Get your flowers here, $19.99 and always ends with Benjamin being wrestled away from my wallet. (For those of you that don’t know, that’s a hundred-dollar bill, y’all.) isn’t like that, not even close. You go in, decide whether you want Original, Deluxe or Grand and then you’re on your way. It almost sounds like you’re ordering Fried Chicken, and who doesn’t like that? All three sizes are a fixed price, with shipping INCLUDED! How bout that? They aren’t harvested until  after you click to order them. The ones I sent my Grammie lasted over a week. Check it out.

This is why I'll always be the #1 Grandson.
This is why I’ll always be the #1 Grandson.

These flowers inadvertently started a war with my brother, who will inevitably loose. The only thing that might help him now is the knowledge I’m setting forth about  If you want to be winner when it comes to flowers make sure to check them out. Fast, affordable and simple. What more can you ask for? Oh, and what did she think of them? I received a text, with picture, thanking me for them and also she uploaded a picture to Facebook. Anyone who saw that picture on Facebook – you now know where those flowers came from, and you now have the power to be the favorite [insert title here], all with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

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**If you need flowers please click picture on my sidebar. You won’t be sorry with where you end up.

3 thoughts on “My Grandma is Cooler than Yours (The Bouqs Review)

    1. Also by about half way through this post, I was reading it in the voice of the Old Spice Guy. I think you write good commercials. Can’t wait to read more of them.

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