I’m an Animal

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by, and dedicated to Michelle Stodden (at the blog of the same name), please enjoy the following.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle last October at Blogger Interactive in Austin, TX. Our conversations were short, but nice nonetheless. She lives in Las Vegas, which is very close to Mormon Country. We had a good chat about that. The closest big city in Utah to Vegas is St. George, which is a place I want to visit very much. It’s also the place where my first Missionary is from. The following picture is what influenced me to write this post. I love it…

Credit to whoever Michelle says...
Credit to whoever Michelle says…

Anyways, back to the…

I was thirty-one years old the first time I ate at In-N-Out burger. I have a friend who is originally from California who told me I had to try it. He said it was the “best burger in the world”. I visited Dallas, before I moved here, about a year ago and heeded his recommendation. It was not the “best burger” I ever had. Perhaps that was my fault though. I decided to order it take-out, so there was about a fifteen minute drive home allowing it to cool off and loose some of its flavors. Also, I neglected to order it Animal Style, like instructed.

I was thirty-two years old the first time I ate an In-N-Out burger animal style. It was, in fact, the best burger I’ve ever had in my life.

I’d also like to add that the burgers at In-N-out are some of the few that actually look like the advertisement when you get them. And, don’t forget to have your fries done up Animal Style also.

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13 thoughts on “I’m an Animal

  1. I ate at In-n-Out burger for the first time while I was on my mission in So Cal. I have had some great burgers since then but nothing that has surpassed those at In-n-Out. Which reminds me that I need to ask my Daughter-In-Law (who worked there every summer for about 8 years) what the secret is so I can incorporate it into my own recipe for burgers. Some of the finest burgers in the world.

  2. Hey, thanks Jon! I love In-n-Out burgers. There’s even one in St. George (an fyi for when you visit). My tush does not like what In-n-Out does to it, though, so I keep my intake to a minimum. No bueno.

    1. No problem Michelle. Good to know! I feel like making a comment about your tush, but I will refrain. I have other friends in Vegas, so I need to make it out that way some time. Thanks!

      1. I think The Habit is a smaller CA (West Coast maybe?) chain…
        My only real problem with In-n-Out is that it is so popular it takes forever to get your burger. No matter what time of day it is there is always a line.

  3. Jon, you hit the nail on the head. Best Burger Ever! I have had Five Guys and The Habit, don’t get me wrong they are good burgers. But there is just something about In-n-Out that makes it the best burger ever.

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