Bullies Beware

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. 

In an unprecedented turn of events I have two bloggers to dedicate this post to.

First off we have Aunt Sandee at, who offered up this post about Bullies.

Secondly we have Kozo from Everyday Gurus, who offered this post on Stories That Must Not Die.

Against my better judgment I’m going to go ahead with this duo dedication. If I end up one blogger short at the end of the year y’all know what happened.

I can’t say enough about Aunt Sandee. Death metal, pink cakes and fuzzy cell phone pictures. That probably doesn’t touch the surface, but I’m sure you’re interested to find out more now.

I’m not as familiar with Kozo, but I’m really liking what I’m seeing. Do you need a hug? I think he can deliver. I believe he is the man behind Bloggers for Peace. If that’s not something to get behind I don’t know what is.


English: A peace Cake
English: A peace Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I think this is a cake we would all like a piece of.


Anyways, back to the Bullies!


I once talked about the time I became the shy type of person that I am. Let’s turn the page to a time when I stopped the cycle of bullying in my life.

I was a freshman or sophomore in high-school. I had been in the public school system for about three or four years at this time. I attended grade school, 1st through 6th, at a Catholic School. I was bullied off and on at the Catholic School. I was always the short chubby kid, so looking back it really doesn’t surprise me. While I attended the private school we always lived close enough for me to walk to and from home, so I never got to ride the bus…and I also never came in contact with any “public school kids”. This was a bit of a shock when I first went to middle school. So many kids, where did they all come from? One in particular took a shine to picking on me.

His name was Jon too. His last name also started with the letter H, so are lockers were always right next to each other. In middle school it was mostly just name calling with the occasional whack over the side of the head. I usually just took it and stayed quiet. A few years of this can go a long way though.

It happened right after we finished P.E. class. I was sitting on some steps tying my shoe laces up. He walked up and made some comment that I honestly can’t even begin to remember. What I do remember was snapping.

I looked up and said “Why don’t you just back the fluff** off?”

He was taken aback a bit. He looked at me and simply stated “What?”

“I said – Why. Don’t. You. Just. Back. The. Fluff. Off!?”

He had some ignorant comment but it seemed pretty deflated. This moment, along with me being severely smarter than him lead to our relationship being a great deal more civilized. If he ever stepped out of line I could mention the fact that we had homework or a test coming up and he would surly need help. This often caused him to shut his mouth.

A few years ago I had heard that he died from either brain cancer or a brain tumor. I felt sorry that we never actually became friends. At least I know that it was through him that I was able to gain some of my confidence. Thank you Jon.

*Featured Image Credit:

**Fluff. This isn’t exactly the word I used back then. You have to remember, I was an impressionable 15/16-year-old. You can use your imagination for what I really said, if you like.


8 thoughts on “Bullies Beware

  1. Bullying drives me insane. My Big Kid starts high school this year and is that “smart nerdy kind of goth” kid that sometimes gets picked on. The Mini Me starts middle school this year and is a very impressionable “I really want to be popular” kid. My heart aches for what they may encounter this year. As a mom, I really want to follow them without anyone knowing and take care of any problems that come their way in the way of bullying. I know that isn’t realistic. I teach them to stand up for themselves but there seems to be a difference of opinion in what I think that means and what the school thinks that means.
    My Little Man is just 2 1/2 and doesn’t start school for another 3 years. So this means I’ll be starting the school cycle all over again with Kindergarden when my Big Kid is a Senior. Literally full circle. I’m a mom. I worry. More importantly, I was bullied as a kid….so I worry more. Lots of prayers… Lots of finger crossing… Lots of communication. So hopefully, if something does happen they can come to me and we can take care of things the right way and not with more violence.
    Thanks for the post Jon. It’s good to teach our kids that bully’s are people too.

    1. Thanks for you comment, Cat. Yeah, what I’ve seen is bullies are usually bullied themselves, either by a parent or from an older sibling. It’s what they were taught and pretty much a normal thing for them. I think it’s important to show that it isn’t normal behavior. I think there will always be teasing and stuff like that, which is usually just something that comes out of ignorance or fear. The best way to “fight” against all of this behavior is to show love and compassion. At the root I think that’s all they really want. Good luck with your kids!

        1. Hehehe! Bettah late than nevah! All’s well with me — trying to get more work published so I’m not blogging as much — but it’s always good to see yours! Yay!

  2. I was never bullied. I was teased but there wasn’t a pattern that I noticed it remember at this point. My brother was bullied though, by a teacher who didn’t like Mormons.

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