That Color Does Look Good on Me

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by, and dedicated to Angela at hastywords, please enjoy the following.

On her Facebook page it reads “I am a poet with a mind full of rainbows and devils” and “I am just a girl trying to create rainbows in a world where my mind is held prisoner! I write a lot in order to gain perspective, purge my soul, retain my memories, and to put into words what my tears and laughter are trying to say!” Only a true poet could be so poetic in an “about” section on Facebook. I’m sorry to say that I don’t read her site as much as I used to, but that should also tell you how much she puts up. All the time! I don’t think I could keep up if I tried, but I am going to start trying more now. The other day she posted a picture of her daughter’s painted toe nails. This reminded me of a story.

She's not just a poet, she's an artist. So many pictures she creates and puts up. Really great. (Credit: Hastywords)
She’s not just a poet, she’s an artist. So many pictures she creates and puts up. Really great. (Credit: Hastywords)

Anyways, back to the painted toe nails!

Alcohol has some very strange side affects.  Sometimes you feel so very deeply towards certain things in your life, like politics and religion, which is why you shouldn’t talk about these things in a bar. Other times you become completely uninhibited. I would often fall into both of these categories, sometimes several different times in the same night. One thing that comes to mind is one of the last times I drank right before I was baptized. Back then I would often go out, get a good buzz on then head over to my brother’s house to mix it up with him and his family. More of my personality was able to come out and they always had a good time. One of the last times my niece was painting your toenails and fingernails. I came in, in the middle of it and plopped down on the couch. She looked up at me and said

“Uncle P.D. can I paint your toe nails?”

“Sure, why not!

So then she started. She would mix it up, painting each toe a different color. After she finished she asked if she could do my fingernails too. I said okay, and they turned out very similar to my toes… a rainbow of colors. This was a Friday or Saturday night,  which was good for me. I wouldn’t have to go to work the next day and have people see this. I woke up, slowly realizing what happened and walked on over to have my finger nails cleaned up. I wasn’t too concerned with my toe nails, no one would see them. That night we went to a wedding reception. There was no smoking in the building so I spent a lot of time outside. This is when I met (or maybe just talked to for the first time) my brother’s current girlfriend. The subject of my toenails came up in conversation… probably from my brother saying

“Hey, guess what! P.D. got his toenails painted!!”

Anyway, everyone started laughing, and that’s when my brother’s main squeeze pipes up, while giggling

“Hey, so what do you do if you take a girl home and you’re about to get laid?”

“Uh – Yeah, I guess I’ll just leave my socks on…”

Side note, my ex-girl was sitting right there when all of this went down. Talk about embarrassing on so many levels.

So, fast-forward a few weeks. I quit drinking, quit smoking and decide to get baptized. I go through all the steps, picking who will speak and which hymns to play. I don’t have all white clothing so I also get fitted for a “baptismal jumpsuit”. When I try this on I soon realize that everyone will see my feet, and the toenail polish hasn’t worn off yet, at least not all of it. I comment about this to the Missionaries and they reassure me that everything will be okay.

On the day I decided to wear my socks, up until I went into the baptismal font. No one said anything when I took the socks off. Everything did turn our alright.

I haven’t had my toenails painted since.

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5 thoughts on “That Color Does Look Good on Me

  1. My sister got up in the middle of the night before April Fools Day and painted all my brothers nails. They had to go to school that way, haha. classic

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