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Who are you?

Stories that Must Not Die

I’m lost among the many versions of me, unsure of who I am.  I’ve always been a chameleon of sorts.  I’ve adopted and adapted and changed over the various settings of my life.  I’ve been a student, a teacher, a player, a coach, a dealer, an addict, a raver, a dj, a worker, a leach, a father, a husband, a fraud, a thief, a criminal, a deviant, an egghead, a nerd, a braniac, a collector, an aper, a jock, a dungeon master, a magician, an asshole, a saint, a hero, a villain, a friend, a lover, a brother, a son, a loner, a jester, a writer, a storyteller, a victim, an abuser…

I steal my words from those around me.  I collect their sayings and expressions.  I mimic their mannerisms.  I incorporate my view of them into how I act around them.  I pepper my language with quotes from movies…

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