Ten Things That I Like

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by and dedicated to Fishie at Fish Of Gold, please enjoy the following. 

Fishie and me go way back, like a couple of months or so. This actually makes me feel bad because she’s been around for at least as long as I have, and it took a bit of tragedy to bring us together. But, we are together now, and you’re not going to tear us apart. I’m really enjoying catching up on her site and getting to know her through working on the Stories That Must Not Die site together. Only good things to happen from all of this. One thing I noticed was a small series of 10 Things That I Like. I like this, so I will offer my list, inspired by Fishie.

Fishie (Credit: Fishie)
Fishie (Credit: Fishie)

Anyways, Back to the list…

  1. Journals. Not necessarily to write in, but I’ve started collecting a certain kind that you only find at Wall-Mart. I have about sixteen of them now. If you’re ever at Wal-Mart check out the journals and let me know whats you gots. I might not have it.
  2. Zebra brand pens. Color, shape, ink type…none of this matters. As long as it’s a Zebra, it’s alright by me.
  3. Corn Dogs. I’ve just recently found out that the Corny Dog was invented in Texas. Just one more reason to feel good about moving here. And, if you go to Sonic Drive-ins, you will notice (at least they used to) that you can order a “corn dog…on a stick”.
  4. Books. I’ve bought more books than I’ve read. I’m probably more of a book collector than a book reader. I did recently start The Fault In Our Stars though. I’m not a bandwagon fan, I’ve owned the book since it came out. I pre-ordered it, getting a signed copy. I never read it because I didn’t want to damage it. I just bought another copy the other day so I could actually read it.
  5. Comic Book Movies. Last week I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and this week I saw the new X-Men movie. I love them all…except for maybe Green Lantern.
  6. My cat, Mini. She likes to sit next to me when I’m writing. If I move, she’s outta there. If I try to pet her, she’s outta  there. If I’m not paying attention to her, she won’t stay outta my lap, unless I pick her up…then she’s outta there.
  7. Sundays. Church, rest, writing, naps…what more could you ask for. And, sorry to the rest of the world, but I never have a “case of the Mondays”…so, I never dread Sundays.
  8. Dessert. There is always room for dessert. Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Apple Crisp, Cream Puffs, Peach Cobbler, Root Beer Float, Milk and Cookies…these are a few of my favorite things.
  9. Socks. This is pretty recent. I’m quiet, and unassuming. Underneath all of that I like to wear colorful socks. If you get the chance to see me up close, ask me to see my socks. You might be surprised.
  10. Gray Hair. I have some sprinkled on the sides of my head, and it smeared all over my beard, but what I like most is the few strands I have right at the center of my widow’s peak. Wisdom strip.

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17 thoughts on “Ten Things That I Like

  1. Fishie is a great person and has a heart of gold.
    I think Green Lantern needs to be remade one day, it just was not handled very well.
    Crazy socks are fun 🙂

  2. I just purchased some socks for the first time that were not bottom of the line el cheapo Walmart specials. My feet thank me.

    Why does everyone hate on the Green Lantern? I loved that movie.

  3. I’m also more of a book collector than a book reader because I have an entire stack of new books that have yet to be gone through, I started drooling at your list of desserts (yummm!) and I’m almost always wearing socks, although they’re of the boring white variety. Great list! 😀

  4. Ah! A brother in kooky socks! I love them too. I still rock the white ankle socks but yea I definitely have a lot that look like something I would draw. I should come out with a sock line. You’d totally buy them, don’t lie. 😛

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