Time Slipped

Lost moments. Have you any?

Stories that Must Not Die

The beats bounced around me.  Their vibrations caressed me, pulsed through me.  The driving four-to-the-flour pounding bass engulfed my entirety.  There was nothing but the sensation, that wonderful joy, of having the music fuse with my nerves.  I was the beats and rhythm.  I was the snare and breakdown.

Time slipped.

I have no idea how long I’d been sitting in front of the speaker, a giant Tonka floor unit, with my back pressed against it and my eyes closed when the tap on my shoulder startled me back to reality.  Well, as back to reality as I could manage at that moment.

My eyes blinked against the flashing strobe lights, the tracers lagging vibrantly behind twirling glowsticks, the rising and falling of the dancing masses, and they shut again.  It was too much to process.  But a shudder of pleasure radiated out from my shoulder again as the tapping…

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