Receiving #RawrLove

A couple of weeks ago we were given Rara’s address* and encouraged to write her when we had time. Today I noticed a trend among some of my RawrFriends. Several of our letters have been answered by Rara. It was very exciting for me to receive and read this letter. When I first got it I didn’t give a second thought about sharing it with anyone, and then a few were shared today. No reason to keep it all to myself.

First, the light and encouragement Rara is still able to offer is truly amazing. I mentioned something to her about Stories That Must Not Die** and this is what she had to say…

Thank you for jumping on board with Stories. It is my hope that your presence & vibe will bring in as many stories of redemption as pain. In other words, it is my hope that you will keep the flame of hope alive there, and I have faith you will accomplish that just by being you.

While in there she is still focused on helping others…

…I know they [Jail mates] would be interested in your recovery and salvation story, if you’re so inclined to send it – many are fighting the same demons.

And last, but not least…the shout out…

Did Texas get a heat wave along with California? Here, it is cold all the time – by most people’s standards. That means my half-Indian, half-Mexican, all-Texas blood turns to ice. I wasn’t created with cold in mind. 🙂

I am Loved
I am Loved (Credit: Rara)

Now, I’m off to write back. I have a story to tell…

*Please feel free to send her a letter, “They are [her] indoor link to the wonders of the outside.”

**If you have a story to tell, please click on the link above.  We welcome any and all submissions.

***Featured Image Credit:

P.S. Here’s an interesting little bit. She often speaks of connections and things seeming familiar. She signed the letter

So, Meow. Rawr! 🙂

This might not seem interesting to you, but let me explain something. I dated a girl for some time. The way she would get my attention, to see if I were available to talk or text, would be to send me the word “Meow”. I’m sure this isn’t just a mere coincidence.

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3 thoughts on “Receiving #RawrLove

  1. I think it’s time I put pen to postcard again. I’m glad that there are so many of us responding positively to Rara’s situation, and that she herself is still seeing the good that can be done.

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