1000 Days (An Introduction)

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Stories that Must Not Die

Hello, my name is Jonathan, and I’m an alcoholic. I’m not sure if I should say “Recovering” or “Recovered” though. Anyway, you don’t have to call me Jonathan, unless of course my mom is around. No, you can call me Brother Jon, or BroJo for short. Along with many other great people I’ve been asked to be an administrator*** for this site. It’s very humbling for me to be asked to do such a thing. I will do my part to keep things going, and hopefully that will include my best. I’ve chosen today to write my inaugural post on this site for good reason. Today marks my 1000th day without booze. This is a happy day. At my two-year mark I shared a post about the last day I actually drank. The following is about the last time I became blackout drunk, which happens to be about a week…

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