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News, Weekends and #RawrLove

Hello All!

Last weekend I traveled back to the great State of Missouri for Mother’s Day. It was a good weekend. Here’s some of what you missed.

The thing commented on the most was the grey in my beard. #whoneedsenemies

BroJo's Beard
BroJo’s Beard

Bruddah’s Lady really likes a certain type of soda…


When she mixes it with stuff this usually happens…

Don't mind me
Don’t mind me

Bruddah likes to party…

Don't touch that!
Don’t touch that!

Actually, the whole family likes to party…

Not the song...
Not the song…

After some shots Bruddah tries to do flips…


After awhile it’s time to turn up the tunes. Bruddah…

It really isn't unusual
It really isn’t unusual

When they ask BroJo to join in with the dancing fun…


What BroJo is good for…

It's for breakfast...lunch and dinner.
It’s for breakfast…lunch and dinner.

While I was there I received my 1000th follower. It’s a very awesome feeling. I can’t believe that many people have clicked that little “follow” button over there. I want to thank each one of you.

On another note, tomorrow will be my 1000th day of sobriety. Please tune at Stories that Must Not Die for my inaugural post about this. Make sure to hit the follow button over there too. We are gearing up to get this site fully off the ground.

Don’t forget – You Are Loved.

And (s)he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain. ~ 2 Samuel 23: 4

Make sure to go back and read my inaugural post for the 2014 Year of Bloggers. It was no accident that Rara was the first. #RawrLove

*Featured Image Credit: Rarasaur

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5 thoughts on “News, Weekends and #RawrLove

  1. The thing commented on the most was the grey in my beard.

    Haha, aww, Jon. I’ve gotten some white flecks in my beard, but… there is grey on top of my dome, too. The last time I went to a men’s salon to get my hairs cut (not the last haircut, did that myself) the haircutter noticed the grey in my hair. I said that she wasn’t the first one, that my wife (Cimmorene), her mother AND my daughter had already all noticed. She backpedaled and said they looked like highlights. (Nice save there, hun.) But what does Cimmy call those grey hairs? She calls it my “silver crown”. Any wonder why I love this woman?

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