Make More Good Things Happen

Bad things happen to Good people. This seems to be inevitable more and more these days.

Yesterday someone broke into my neighbor’s apartment. The cops were here when I arrived home after work. The husband told me “get out while you can…” I’m going to stay, at least until my lease is up.

I’m not going to be afraid.

Everything will be okay.

Last Saturday I tried to put together a little meet-up for the DFW area. Nobody showed up. No worries. The food was good at least. I went to Barnes & Noble and Central Market afterwards. I have new books and good food.

It will happen some other day.

Everything will be okay.

A friend of mine has been wrongly accused of a very substantial crime. She turned herself in and is awaiting her court date. She was more worried about her husband and her cats, rather than herself.

#rawrLove is alive and well in May.

Everything will be okay…with your help.

Please take a moment to read the above links. Also, I have set up a widget in the sidebar. “I Am Loved”. Please click it and have another look. Help make more good things happen.


*Featured Image: A very good book you should purchase and read.

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12 thoughts on “Make More Good Things Happen

        1. Yeah, it is hard, but I think it’s worth trying. It’s raining outside right now. I know that it’s eventually going to stop, but if it doesn’t, I’ll just build a boat.

  1. “Make more good things happen.”

    I’m gonna try, but I’m at a loss on how to do that right now. The waiting to see what happens, for a couple of different situations, is taking its toll.

  2. Sometimes all we can do is hang on in there. One thing I’m reminded of is the saying about how putting out someone else’s candle doesn’t make your own shine any brighter. I’m doing a good line in actual candle lighting in our chapel just at the moment with all the people I’m praying for.

  3. Oh dear– no one showed up?

    As for Rara, well, I remember reading about it, and the matter pressing further– well, the word got out very, very fast. Zoe’s already got a solid track record about that.

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