B.I. Mini-Meet-Up —DFW Style

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Don BroJo

Hello World! It’s time for a Mini-Meet-Up! How exciting is this? Pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. Alright, here’s the deets.

When we’re meeting – Saturday, May 3rd 2014

Where we’re meetingOutlaw’s Bar*B*Que

What time we’re meeting – We have 30 spaces reserved in their Banquet Room from 2pm to 6pm

Who is gonna be there – All Bloggers! (and friends)

Outlaw’s Bar*B*Que is centrally located in Grand Prairie, Texas – About 16 miles from Downtown Dallas, and 23 miles from Downtown Fort Worth. While putting this together I couldn’t help but think what says Texas more than barbecue? Also,  there will be Happy Hour from 3pm to 6pm. For those that might get a little too “loosey- goosey” I will be there to help you get home.

If you’re interested in attending our #BIDFW Mini-Meet-Up please click HereHereHereHereHereHereHereHere

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