LDS General Conference: Shouldn’t the Prophet be Making Prophecies?

Some thoughts on Prophecy and the Church before General Confrence this weekend.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

Recently I have seen a number of anti-Mormon posts complaining that if the Church is led by a prophet, then shouldn’t he be making more prophecies?  Let him prove his prophetic calling, they challenge, by predicting the future.  You know, give us the Powerball numbers or something.

It’s not an entirely unfair question, but it reflects a misunderstanding of the organization of the Church and the calling and responsibilities of the president of the Church.

The General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be held this weekend in Salt Lake City, and members of the Church around the world will tune in by television, the internet, or at satellite transmission at local chapels to recieve instruction and counsel from the General Authorities of the Church.  For many members this is an exciting opportunity to hear, among other things, “the prophet speak.”  But what does that mean?

To make sense…

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4 thoughts on “LDS General Conference: Shouldn’t the Prophet be Making Prophecies?

  1. I think the problem is that people mis-understand prophet, prophesy and prophetic. They think it’s all about the future. But when you read the Bible, all the wonderful OT Prophets aren’t predicting the future, they’re just telling the Kings what’s currently going wrong and that if they don’t get themselves into better shape with God, then the Almighty is going to kick some serious backside…

    1. Bingo. This is how I looked at the Conference (yep, I’m Mormon like BroJo too)… the counsel is for our here and now. We are actually advised by our local leaders to prepare ourselves as such, that we might find something in the talks that we can use right away.

        1. Gotcha- so I was gathering. (I’ve been paying attention to our conversations.)

          I think that’s the aim of any leadership, really– to address concerns of the followers in the here and now, not necessarily a distant future, much less something mystical and hazy. I’m sure practicality and planning is what works for the long haul.

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