To: 1st of the 135th ARB…From: BroJo and Many Friends

Well, they made it back, safe and sound. I went back to MO to surprise Buddha this past Saturday. I noticed that this post has been viewed a few times today, so I think it needs a reblog. Check it out. Thanks!!!

Don BroJo

When I first learned that I had new fans from the 1st of the 135th Attack Recon Battalion, I got to thinking about putting something special together for the men and women preparing in Fort Hood. I mean, they may be my fans…but I’m sure they have some fans of their own. So, I reached out to some of my friends in the WordPress community, and this is what they helped me make.

Please click on their pictures or names to visit their sites. I would suggest you do that with each and every one of them…multiple times.

Thank you Bruddah, and all the other men and women in your unit…along with all the men and women in ALL other units (past and present) for your devout service. It is most appreciated.


Please Click Here For A Special B0nus Post From Kessabug!


Jen and Tonic Jen and Tonic


A lot…

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