Where Twinkies Come From (You’ll Never Guess)

Some came upon this post today. I don’t think many people had a chance to read it so I’m sharing it again. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

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Don BroJo

I’ve somehow deviated from my usual sleep schedule, and this is affecting my blogging skills. I usually keep a list of topics that I try to add to each day. This list is getting smaller and smaller. I’m not interested in talking about any of the things that I have compiled on this list, so I will relate a funny little thing I heard the other day. (It was funny to me, please don’t judge.)

Sometimes at work I get a chance to listen to one of the greatest podcast I’ve ever heard. It’s called When the Kids go to Sleep, or WTKGTS for short. Shay Carl and Kati Lette are the stars. I’ve talked about them a few times. They are the Mormon family that has been doing daily vlogs for over three years. This podcast consists of two tapings, each on Monday. The first is just the…

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2 thoughts on “Where Twinkies Come From (You’ll Never Guess)

  1. I’ve been thinking on this subject for a good while now… I haven’t always been fat, but currently I am obese, due to a number of health and wellness issues.

    There was Rara’s post on cutting out sugar; some friends and my physician have talked to me about that. I’ve tried a diet that did use such tactics (“Carbohydrate Addict’s” diet) and while it did work, I can’t see myself doing it lifelong. I like sugar too much.

    I have read up on the raw food diet– I didn’t know that’s how Shay Carl lost his weight. I could see eating that way for a bit to clean out my system, but I couldn’t see eating lots of raw vegetables long term. I do understand some of the nutrition science that does explain some of the benefits we get from cooking foods, besides calorie efficiency.

    The other thing is people mix a lot of politics and money into arguments about food, most specifically when talking about poverty and eating habits of the poor. I *am* poor, as my wife, my son, and I are all on Social Security disability– and I wince when I read people lecturing and making such harsh judgments, debating on the hardship of people with lives like ours.

    1. I think it’s best to follow the Word of Wisdom, but that’s very hard for me sometimes. I think the government backs the health studies that can produce the most profit and not necessarily the most healthy. I’m currently unemployed and have noticed that it is easier and cheaper to eat “junk food”. Good luck with your endeavours. I hope we both can find the best way to be healthy.

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