Peace for the New Year

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by this, and dedicated to Rara at Rarasaur, please enjoy the following. 

Now, I’ve been following Rarasaur for quite some time, but I haven’t always been the best “follower”. It wasn’t until I read this post from Twindaddy that I started to really get in there and read what she was offering, which happens to be a lot. I would like to tell you that I read something from everyone I follow at least once a week. I can’t tell you that because it’s not true.  For me, my reading goes in a sort of cycle. Once I realize how great a blogger is I can’t keep away from their site. I perk up when their name shows up in my e-mail, sometimes even checking my e-mail in hopes that their name will be there. Rara is the most recent person to be added to this list.

She is a cutie…

Rara looking all cutie pa tootie.
Rara looking all, well you know. (Credit:

But watch out because…

So is this little guy...
So is this little guy… (Yeah, that’s me!)

Any way, back to the Peace!

At 23 years old I found myself in a new state, developing new ideas on what kind of person I should be. I had recently read The Da Vinci Code and decided that the Catholic Church wasn’t for me. Even though I knew I didn’t want to be a part of that church anymore I still knew that I needed to believe in something. After completing multiple “what-church-should-I-attend” online questionnaires I came up with pretty much nothing. The one thing I did learn about myself though is I did really hope for peace all over the world. I figured that the best way to achieve this was through the domino effect. Where would be the best place to start? Palestine and Israel. If peace could be had here, it could be had anywhere. Through my research I found this…

A peace movement poster: Israeli and Palestini...
A peace movement poster: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I liked this poster. It shows both Israel and Palestine flags with the word Peace written in Arabic and Hebrew. At the time I didn’t know that finding this poster would lead me to two of the most painful days in my life. Some three years later I would take the ideals behind this poster, add to them and place them on my body – forever. I didn’t know how I was going to do this, but I’m an AutoCAD draftsman so I wasn’t worried about being able to come up with something.

First I needed to know where I would put them. I decided on my leg calfs. Then I needed a shape. I messed around, designing something that had just the words in there. It didn’t look right and it wouldn’t fit very well. Later I had remembered a friend talking about getting a world tattoo. A round globe wouldn’t look good, but the squished out world would. This is what I came up with…

My design with the Hebrew spelling of Peace. "World Peace"
My design with the Hebrew spelling of Peace. “World Peace”

It is very big and very colorful. This picture doesn’t do it much justice.

For the other one I wasn’t about to put two worlds on my body. That’s unoriginal, and besides that… it really hurt so I wanted to have less coverage. Guess what? Great way of thinking – but not true. The second one hurt more than the first one. To have less coverage I settled on a Peace Sign, accept squished out like the above globe. Here is what I came up with…

My design with the Arabic spelling of Peace.
My design with the Arabic spelling of Peace.

To keep the same design idea we went with a similar color scheme. This picture also does not give this tattoo justice.

The above tattoo is the last one I received, and I’m sure it will remain that way. Not because I’m against them exactly, but because those suckers hurt and cost money. Even though my stance towards tattoos has changed I will still stand behind the message of the two that I’ve talked about today. World Peace. I’ve been told a few times that searching for peace in the Middle East is futile. That, because the bible says so, things will inevitably keep deteriorating until the end comes. Here’s what I think. If you believe in the Bible, and where it came from then you should also strive to do your part in obtaining peace. All of the prophets from yesteryear foresaw a great many tragic things happening.  Did they let that stop them from looking forward? No, so we also shouldn’t become discouraged.

I used to end each of my post with a scripture. When I was released from my calling as a Ward Missionary that practice steadily declined. I’ve decided to bring that back from time to time. This time I’ve decided to search for a scripture that reminds me of Rara. The one I found…

And (s)he shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain. ~ 2 Samuel 23: 4

Photo Credit: Grim Squeaker @
Photo Credit: Grim Squeaker @

In case you haven’t been acquainted yet – Rara – Rara’s Husband Grayson. I like to hang out here too. – The Business of Art & Absurdity. I can’t wait to get a job so I can buy something from here. – The Queen Creative Facebook Page. Click and like.

38 thoughts on “Peace for the New Year

    1. My goodness. She had to continually tell me to breathe. I have two others in my arms that were a piece of cake. The ones on my legs almost killed me. I’ve had kidney stones and the pain is comparable.

      1. Well, if it hurts, sometimes you may twitch your body, right? So won’t that cause the needle to pierce somewhere else?

        And how does breathing help? :O

            1. Maybe. The needle actually consists of 5 to 7 needles all bunched together, being dragged back and forth on your skin. The globe one took about 6 hours. They try to tell you that it goes numb after a while, but it doesn’t. I’m not sure what else to compare it to.

                  1. Dragged, or, you know, take it out, pierce it, take it out, pierce it?

                    I had never known it was “dragging”. So, skin will be sliced?

                    1. Yes, it does hurt like heck. Got my lower back done so it wasn’t as bad as BroJo’s. Extremities like lower legs, feet, hands tend to have more nerves and thinner skin closer to bone. Still you have to really want one, for good reason, and enjoy the ride 😉

  1. You’re both cuties! I love Rara and I’m so glad that I got to know her and you in 2013. I’m so with you that tattoos aren’re that photogenic. It took ages before I got mine in a why I wanted. Yours look awesome and I wanted to ask you how much it hurt and then I read it again and noticed you already mentioned it haha. How long did it take for the tattoo dude to put it on your calf?

    I love the idea of peace and reading your thought process behind it. You have to have peace inside of yourself as well before you can radiate it to the ourside world. To have the tattoos on your calfs, your legs, kinda feels you’re working to a better world, a more peaceful world, one step at the time. 🙂

  2. I’ll be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed by this post. Firstly– The HAT! Ohmygosh, it’s ridiculously adorable. Secondly– 2 Samuel 23: 4 is engraved on my beloved bookmark. The universe, surrounded by thoughtful people, is a good place to be. Thirdly– how wonderful that the message of self-expression, peace, and art was dedicated to me! I am honored to be associated at all with this beautifully written post. Fourthly– I love your tattoos! Fifthly – The dino picture, haha! It’s faaabulous– all of this is. And you are.

    Thanks, Jon. 🙂

  3. Love the scripture, so fresh and poetic, definitely suits our wonderful blogger friends!
    BroJo you are so adorably huggable, how is it you’re still single, lol.
    Cheers for the New Year & Peace in the Middle East WILL HAPPEN!
    Global rise in consciousness will evolve all citizens of the world. We will unite as ONE LOVE♥
    Blessings Rara, BroJo, TwinDaddy & all you awesome bloggers making a difference. Peace☼

  4. A little bit of RAWRlove goes a long way. She is kind of amazing and inspiring and awesome!!

    I love the messages in your tattoos – I have a few myself and they are all meaningful to me on a personal level but not really a ‘global’ level. But I am impressed with yours. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought tattoos were a bit of a ‘no go’ for Mormons? I have a few friends in the church and that was my impression?

    1. Indeed she is, thanks.
      They are frowned upon but I happened to get them before joining the church. I was baptized about three years after getting them.I don’t see myself getting any more.

    1. Thanks Aussa. Glad you like it. I thought it was a very good place to start. It’s interesting what my plans for tattoos were in the beginning and how the ended up instead. That’s for another time though.

  5. Love Rara, and love this post!

    “If you believe in the Bible, and where it came from then you should also strive to do your part in obtaining peace.” Thank you! A reasonable perspective, finally.

    I think we all have the power to harness our good energy, and turn that into something incredible. It may just be sparking that positivity in someone else, or it could get the ball rolling on a full-fledged revolution. Either way, it’s possible.

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