Sunday School 2014

In 2014 the Church’s Sunday School classes will revolve around the Old Testament. I’ve never made it all the way through the Old Testament so I’m pretty excited about this. In fact, I can compare mine reading of the Old Testament to that of a particular Stephen King novel that I’ve never been able to finish, IT.

I’ve started IT a few times but have never been able to get past the first hundred pages or so. The same thing has happened to the Old Testament for me. With all of those begats it’s hard to plow through some times. Because of this I think it’s extra important for me to keep up. I don’t want to become a Snippet Christian (Sunday Christian). I decided to follow these teachings a little over two years ago and I aim to do so all the way. It’s important for me to read this part of the scriptures to help me fully understand what it is that I stand for. It’s hard to take away a message from the text without reading all of said text. A lot of people out there will focus on the old timey teachings and commandments like eye for an eye, slavery and bacon is bad for you. There is so much more to these scriptures than these things and it’s time for me to find them out.

Hopefully I’ll be able to relate all the things I’m learning to you guys over the next year.

I’m excited and so can you!

So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading. ~ Nehemiah 8: 8

Open Bible with pen Antique Grayscale
Open Bible with pen Antique Grayscale (Photo credit: Ryk Neethling)

4 thoughts on “Sunday School 2014

  1. I’m kind of excited about it too. OT is probably my least favorite book, BUT now that I’ve been going to Sunday School on a relatively normal basis, I think I’ll be able to get way more out of it than before. I remember a little bit of it from seminary, but it was mostly parables and I hated it! Here’s to a new beginning! (I always like the creation parts though 🙂 )

  2. It’s Leviticus that does me in every time. The law of Moses…. I think it was the Biblical version of Obamacare…. so hard to read and know if you are doing it right. 😉 Okay, maybe that’s harsh, but it’s the book that kills me every time. Maybe I’ll skip that part this year. 🙂

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