Home For the Holidays

It all started last week. 


I spoke with the Job Recruiter, finding out that I probably didn’t need to worry about any interviews coming in before the end of the year. Before this little tidbit of information I had decided to not come back until my brother flew in after his tour in Afghanistan. After I knew that I had plenty of time I decided to go ahead and make the six-plus-hour drive.


This is the day for Christmas Shopping. I visited so many great stores, that I can’t mention because it’s still Christmas Eve Eve, and I know that my family secretly stalks thoroughly enjoys  my page from day to day. I first picked up wrapping paper, then decided to go with gift bags. What actually happened is… a secret.


I finished the last of my “Job Search” workshops today, the Interview Workshop. I would be leaving the kitty behind for this trip so I made sure to get the liter-liner and other things in line. I packed my suitcase, suit bag, presents and other necessities and load them into the car. I have my laptop, books and movies ready to be loaded.


I’m up, getting ready for the drive. You know, the usual – shower, shave and the other “S”. I can’t keep my mind off of the Jack in the Box commercials I’ve seen. Two for Three dollar breakfast biscuit sandwiches. I load the rest of my things into the car. It’s 68 degrees outside. I have enough gas to get me to Oklahoma. I prefer to get out of the “city” before needing to stop. I look up where the closest Jack in the Box is and decide to get on the road first before stopping. I find a place in Plano and decide to stop. I get my breakfast, pull over into a parking lot and eat. I get out of my car to brush the crumbs off and remember that I’ve forgotten my coat. It’s 68 degrees now, but it won’t be later on.

I have to turn around and go back or my coat. It’s not a real trip until you have to go home for something you’ve forgotten at least once. I get back on the road and on my way. It’s going to be a surprise, except for a few people.

Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m about 30 miles from home when I send my Mom a text. She ask me to call her so I do. She’s out with Grandma Christmas shopping. Up until now she’s sure that I’m not coming home for Christmas. She ask “You’re not coming home for Christmas, are you?” I have to tell her what’s going on. She’s happy.

I show up at dads house and pop in like it’s normal. He says “Hey, how’s it going” pretty nonchalantly. “You’re home early”

I’m invited to the Ward Game night at the Church… and while there I’m invited to the Ward Christmas Program and Dinner. And then I’m invited to go Home Teaching… and for Dinner.

This is a great Ward.

Now on-to the Christmas Celebrations.

Have a Happy Holidays!

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.
English: A bauble on a Christmas tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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