Five Truths and One Lie…The Reveal

Are you curious to see if you guessed right? To see what the six items were please click here.

1)      I spent the majority of my twenties smoking; often enjoying four packs a day.

I started smoking a few months after I turned eighteen, quitting just a few months shy of turning thirty. After starting it didn’t take long for me to cultivate a two pack-a-day habit. Those two packs were usually consumed during the day, with me buying two packs every morning to go along with the pack and a half I already had. We can’t forget about the nights out drinking though. From about twenty-three to twenty-nine I spent, on average, five nights out a week. On these nights I would usually have to buy smokes at the end of the night…having consumed three and a half packs already. I always ended up having about a half a pack before bed… to go along with the frozen pizza, making this one true.

Thank You for Smoking
Thank You for Smoking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2)      I was once a part of a theater group. We performed our show once, in front of several other schools.

While I was growing up my family moved around a lot. In 1988 we ended up in Ardmore, Oklahoma. This was my second grade year. You see, I wasn’t always the strong, silent type. Back then I was quite outgoing; outgoing enough to join a group that performed some stuff; Stuff that I can’t remember a single thing about. I was in the second grade…so maybe you wouldn’t remember either. Anyway, I remember each of us making a mask, which was nice because we could all tape our lines on the back of it. I’m pretty sure we only performed once, but it was in front of several different schools, in some sort of competition. We moved out-of-town before the end of the year, so I don’t know if we won or what else became of this group, making this one true.

Relief with theatrical masks. Cast
Relief with theatrical masks. Cast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3)      For work, as a legal adult, I’ve never had to step foot out of an office.

The summer before my senior year of high school I worked in the shop of a local home town company. The following spring, two weeks after graduation, I started in the office. I was eighteen, making me a legal adult. I have worked in an office ever since, but I always did make my way out into the shop to check on things and help out in any way I could. I could have just stayed in the office if I wanted though, making this one true.

The Office cast in the third season
The Office cast in the third season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4)      I can recite the alphabet backwards, getting me out of a DUI once.

When I was twenty-two I spent a night out with some buddies and ended up giving a woman friend of mine a ride home. I wasn’t exactly in the right shape to drive, but I wasn’t bad either. (That’s what we all tell ourselves anyway.) I knew that I wanted to avoid the police so I decided to take the back roads home. I ended up getting pulled over about thirty yards from the city limits sign. I was told that I was pulled over for speeding, but I also had expired tags. The officer suspected me of having been drinking, so he asked me out of the car to perform the regular roadside test. I walked the line, stood on one foot and recited the alphabet from g to v. He then asked me to take the breathalyzer test, which I refused before speaking to a lawyer. At that point I was arrested and taken in. I was told that I had an hour to decide whether I was going to take the breathalyzer. After an hour I did so and blew a .077. The legal limit is .08. I didn’t need the backwards alphabet to help me out, making this one false.

Drink Driving Law & Motoring History
Drink Driving Law & Motoring History (Photo credit: brizzle born and bred)

5)      Today’s move will have me living in Texas for the fourth time.

Like I said before, we moved around a lot while I was growing up. I’m pretty sure I lived in about seven different states between birth and the third grade. Let’s go backwards from now. I’m currently in Dallas. Back in 2005 I moved to New Braunfels, TX. The beginning of my third grade year was spent in El Paso, TX. Sometime after the birth of my little Bruddah we ended up in Houston, TX for a little bit of time, making this one true.

Texas (Photo credit: SMU Central University Libraries)

6)      Nearly every vehicle I’ve ever owned was involved in some sort of accident, many of which were my doing.

The first car I ever owned was a 1977 Delta 88. That thing was a tank, so it would have been very hard to hurt that car, except for the interior though. The blinker lever broke very early on, and I spent the majority of my time with that car trying to fix it. My next car was a 1988 Lincoln Town Car. Again, a tank, but I did end up hitting a deer with it once. No damage though. After the Hot Rod Lincoln I moved onto the 1992 Cutlass Sierra. This is the car I was pulled over in the story above. A night not long after that one I decided to partake in much drinking and also some smoking (the green kind) and ended up side-swiping a telephone pole. I tried to tell my parents that a dog ran out in front of me. That didn’t work very well. After that crash I went back to driving the Lincoln. After settling in New Braunfels I purchased a 2002 Ford Ranger Quad Cab. I hated this truck so much. A night after I moved back to Missouri I was out at a party with a buddy. While leaving I punched the accelerator, while on a gravel road, and did some fish tails. He told me to do it again, resulting in a complete 360, and a demolished mailbox that I had to replace. That truck was actually reposed, so after I started driving and ended up buying my mom’s car, a 2002 Ford ZX2. This is when I feel in love with the five-speed. About four years ago I was driving home after a night out and ended up rear ending a parked truck…half a block from my apartment. It totaled the car, but allowed me to buy a very okay 1997 Chevy Blazer. That truck did alright, and it was four-wheel drive, which was nice. One night, while it was parked out at a friend’s house a girl sideswiped it. She was nice and came and told me and gave me her insurance information. I also accidentally backed into a car with it once. At last count we see three and a half accidents, making this one true.

US Navy 051130-N-7293M-003 U.S. Navy Master-at...
US Navy 051130-N-7293M-003 U.S. Navy Master-at-Arms 1st Class Robert C. Tempesta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you get it right? If not, sorry, maybe next time.

How about you join in? It’s fun, try it out.

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