What I Learned During Blogger Interactive 2013

If you have ever seen pictures of Rachelle from A Rich Full Life you should know that they don’t do her justice. She is a very lovely woman in person, and very pretty too. The same thing can be said about Jen’s eyebrows. They are glorious. If I were a dancing fellow I would have taken them out on the dance floor.

Speaking of dancing, Vyvy gots the moves. Like seriously. She and Mrs. Red were tearing it up, with dancing and showing off hula hoop skills. And, she really does rock the Batman stretchy pants…and the Batman bling. Mormon’s Be Pimpin’ Too? No, Vyvy Be Pimpin’ More!

SocietyRed (John) has a glorious head of hair that I can only aspire to one day have. He’s also old enough to be my dad but it sure doesn’t feel that way when you talk with him. I can totally see why Mrs. Red sticks around…and vice verse.

New Yorkers are the nicest, most helpful people on the planet. Well, at least this guy is, unless of course we’re talking about not wanting to purchase an Austin “Bat Button” from the “Bat Guy”. But, in all reality…who the heck would want one of those anyways?

Pretty girls are nice and helpful too, even the ones that live in New York – or Las Vegas – or Austin. It’s nice to see a movie and television stereotype shattered beyond all belief.

So, what’s the main thing you should take away from this? GO! What ever you have to do to get there next year, do it. It was a blast…even for the quiet, shy guy.


I know there were several people that wanted to come, but were unable to for one reason or another. In the next few days I’m going to announce a giveaway that will allow me to send part of BI13 to you. Please stay tuned. I’m not sure when or where yet…but I do know who the judges are going to be, so get excited. 

Blogger Interactive 2014

Other BI13 Shout-outs need to go to:

Ardent & Awkward / in Austin

The Grey Tales

The Indie Chicks

Can’t wait to see everyone (plus many, many more) again!

23 thoughts on “What I Learned During Blogger Interactive 2013

  1. “So, what’s the main thing you should take away from this? GO! What ever you have to do to get there next year, do it. It was a blast…even for the quiet, shy guy.” THIS. I like that everyone can have fun at this event, no matter what they think ahead of time.

    Also, my eyebrows thank you for your kind words.

  2. Thanks Jon! You know, I really think I hurt the “Bat Guy’s” feelings by not buying one of those buttons! Happy to have met you. Hope all is well. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  3. Introvert to introvert, meeting you was one of the highlights of this weekend for me, and Eileen is just lovely too. You are as kind and genuine as I expected you would be after reading you (and lurking, sorry, I’m a lurker) for so long.
    I shared your post on FB and Twitter, not just because you said such nice things about me (but who doesn’t love that?) but because I was inspired this weekend to be more social on social media too.
    The message in your post is the same one I’d give to anyone–GO! Even if you think you can’t, just go!
    Wishing you all the best again on your interviews and relocation efforts.
    Again, it was just a pleasure to be around you. Even when we were holding that red couch down in comfortable silence.

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