Don’t Worry, I’ll Make My Own Sandwich

Sir Hamwhich Cheddah invented the sandwich in 1834, just outside Sandwich, Kent, England. Sir Cheddah lived in between a bakery and a beef farm, one day realizing that he could combine the two and streamline his dining experience, giving him more time for further food inventions.

Okay, all of that may not be true, but you never know.

Making sandwiches may not be a culinary art, but you sure can’t beat a good one. My usual go-to sandwich is turkey, American cheese, mayonnaise and mustard in between to slices of bread. Kind of plain, but it does the job. Sometimes you need to do more than just “the job” though. Sometimes you need to create something so spectacular your taste buds start doing somersaults just at the idea of it. That’s where the following ideas come from.

Big boy with a big sandwich Bronx style.
Big boy with a big sandwich Bronx style. (Photo credit: Nino.Modugno)

My grandfather (Papa) worked on the railroad back when there wasn’t much else to do in our little town. The majority of his meals were those made and carried on board himself, so sandwiches it was. After eating the same old, same old for so long it was time for him to try a new bread surrounded dish. I’ve been told about some of these but I’ve only tried one of them. The peanut butter and bologna sandwich was born out of taste bud boredom, and you know what? It ain’t that half bad.

Moving on to something that may be a bit more appealing, and closer to home. A couple different sandwiches that I thoroughly enjoy came from the brain of my Mother. The first, being a bit simpler, is the grilled tomato and cheese. When I do grilled cheese…I do grilled CHEESE. I use three to four different kinds, cause there is nothing better than cheese. Adding tomato to the sandwich allows us to skip the tomato soup. I’ve also added pickles to this sandwich. Bread and butter, or dill both seem to work for me.

Grilled Cheese & Tomato from Nola's
Grilled Cheese & Tomato from Nola’s (Photo credit: Smitten with Kittens)

Let’s get closer to the wild side, bringing us to a “leftover” sandwich, but not just any kind of leftover sandwich. I’m talking about the spaghetti sandwich. What? Never had one? Shame on you. So, how do you make a spaghetti sandwich? Easy. Take out leftover spaghetti from fridge, place on counter. Retrieve plate, place next to spaghetti container. Place two pieces of bread on the plate. Spoon, or fork, a healthy amount of spaghetti onto a piece of the bread. If you choose, place a piece of cheese on top of the spaghetti. (I always choose to) Place other piece of bread on top. Eat.

spaghetti sandwich
spaghetti sandwich (Photo credit: roboppy)

The finale sandwich is one that evolved into an idea…and that idea evolved into real life awesomeness. I’m of course talking about the post-Thanksgiving Day sandwich. Now, a plain type a person would take leftover turkey, put it between two slices of bread with mayo, salt and pepper. I think we can do better than that. When you have leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes like we do, you tend to want to use them. First, you need to warm up the stuffing and the potatoes. If you want to eat your sandwich with a fork make sure to warm up the gravy too. This sandwich is quite a bit more substantial so we need to toast the bread first. Then, start the layering. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, salt, pepper…this sandwich could be endless. Not very often, but sometimes we have leftover deviled eggs. You can throw those on the sandwich too.

What kind of sandwiches do you prefer to eat?

Sandwich Chart
Sandwich Chart (Photo credit: doublexuan)

Inspired by this post by Go Jules Go. Sandwich art is the best.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, I’ll Make My Own Sandwich

  1. I love a good sandwich, usually with turkey. Either cold or panini style; I’m not picky. And I like to load it up with pickles, onions, tomatoes, etc. But I’ve never had a spaghetti sandwich.

    Great. Now I”m hungry…

      1. I SHOULD only do grilled onions on sandwiches, but I don’t. But I only consume raw onions if I’m going home. Never before work or meetings or anything. I’m not that unthoughtful. 😉

  2. Really you should ask what DOESN’T go on a sandwich. I love potato chips on a sandwich. Or because I’m Aussie a Vegemite and cheese sandwich. Yummmm

  3. I love a good hot sandwich. So for me, leftover sandwiches in a Panini press or something are basically the best. I like making grilled cheeses for my boys too; although the Engineer and I dont’ like cheese, so the Unicorn mainly benefits from this. Instead I do the grilled peanut butter and banana for the Engineer.

    I missed Canadian Thanksgiving here and was on the fence about making a turkey this weekend to make up for it, but the reminder of the hot pockets convinced me! I could make a bazillion of those for the freezer!

  4. First of all – I’m sorry I’m so late in commenting! This is a triple decker of an entry! “Sandwiches” are probably my favorite food, if they can count as ‘a’ food. Pretty much anything in between any type of bread product is a-okay by me. I feel like I’d love p.b. and bologna, if the bologna was fried.

    I do the fancy grilled cheese, too! And I like to experiment with wraps. My latest was falafel, spicy peppers, onions and tzatziki.

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