What I’m Going to Miss the Most… Church

The Bishopric

The Second Counselor that always calls me by the wrong name. He does have like thirteen or fourteen kids though, so I usually cut him some slack for that.

The First Counselor that has more of an affinity for sweets than Buddy the Elf. I think his dessert has a dessert… and if I remember right his mom used to put sugar in the spaghetti so he would eat it.

The Bishop that stays fit through various activities, like playing football and basketball. I’ve seen him get fouled – many times – but he always has a smile on his face.

The Missionaries

I know that almost all Missionaries are good, but I really do think this area ends up with the exceptional ones from month to month. Two Missionaries that have taught me have gone to be Assistants at the Mission Home. Several others have gone on to be District and Zone leaders. If the Missionaries in my new area are half as good as the ones I’ve seen here, we’re going to be alright.

The Elder’s Quorum

The Second Counselor that strengthens my testimony by showing me it’s alright to just be normal, even though he’s anything but. He’s an airline pilot. He listens to heavy metal. He has a little pick-up truck… painted Electric Blue. He has fun, as do all the people that happen to be around him.

The First Counselor. That’s me, for now. I appreciate how the rest of the Quorum tells me I do a good job while teaching a lesson, even though clearly I didn’t. It’s a great bunch of guys, and I’m going to miss meeting with them each Sunday.

The President that knows the ins and outs of anything electronic. He can turn on his TV with his cell phone… and his tablet. He’s pretty inspirational too. He’s taking online college classes, while working full-time… and helping raise three – soon to be four kids.

The Membership

I’ve never felt more welcome inside a Church until I joined this one two years ago. I’ve had countless free dinners and lunches. (Every person in this Ward is a good cook, no joke.) Every time there is an activity I’m offered a ride so I won’t have to drive to and from by myself. I get lifted up spiritually every week and not just on Sundays. The kids happen to like me too, for the most part. I think this is because they may see me as a young Santa Clause – I’ve recently shaved though, so this might change.

The guys are always ready and willing to help with anything – hand always out for a handshake.

The ladies are always so sweet and kind – willing to read these posts, because let’s face it, not many guys from Church read this.

This is the first in my New Series. Enjoy!

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