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Blogging Breeds Buddies

A short, short time ago…

In a galaxy very near to where we are…

I wrote a post about stuff. Now, someone happened to disagree with what I had to say in this post about stuff. Other people agreed with me, about my “stuff” thoughts. One of these people to agree with me was David Harding. He made a comment about the stuff. After he made his comment the person that disagreed with me also disagreed with him, as you might imagine. This caused me to look up David’s e-mail, so I could send him a personal message. I thanked him for his comments and apologized for the other person’s. He was very happy to hear from me, and me to hear back from him. At the end of the message he told me to feel free to e-mail him any time. A day or so after that I took him up on it. That’s where the first ever Celebrity Blogging Interview came from. Remember those? Man, they were fun. (I think I may need to get back into that habit.)

I was running out of ideas of things to write about, so I sent David a set of fifteen questions and asked his permission to post the Q & A online. Some of the most fun I have when writing is trying to figure out good questions to ask. The ones I gave David were perfect. His answers were the funniest I had ever seen…and I’m not sure I’ve seen any funnier. (No offense to all the other guys. Yours were all great too…this one was my baby though, so it’s forever special to me.) This started a friendship that I’m sure will last for some time. This type of friendship is the reason why I’m so excited to be able to meet all sorts of bloggers in real life.

Blogger Interactive is just around the corner. I’m sure David won’t be able to be there (so that means everyone there should buy five or ten of his books) but he will be there in spirit. (Click here to purchase said books!!) (Or you can click here!!)

He’s made a few YouTube videos too…ones that I’m laughing at right now, just thinking about them.  How about we make a video for David? I nominate someone else other than myself…but I’ll help. And, not just for David, but for all the other wonderful bloggers that won’t be able to attend. What do you say?


After I finished writing this I sent it to David to see what he thought. He was again very happy to hear from me, and humble for what I wrote. This is part of what he had to offer back to me, and I have to say that I agree with it 100%. Now, someone please pass the nachos!!

When I started my blog last year and I got to meet you and Chris and Maddie and Jen and Lauren and Vyv and Bec I was like – woow! I have found people I click with and have fun with, even if we may never see each other in real life ever. ~ David

Don’t worry David, I’m sure we’ll meet some day. Stranger things have happened.

15 thoughts on “Blogging Breeds Buddies

  1. Haha that interview was good times. i am so happy to be your baby!
    That video… It’s either gold or puke and I can’t decide. You BroJo, however, are solid gold. Not gold plated. Solid gold. Right down to your golden heart pumping liquid gold through your shiny gold arteries. Thank you for your kind words. This guy is a saint, people, a golden saint!!

    PS: If you like golden saints like BroJo then please do what he says and buy dozens of my books. Dozens! Gold!

  2. Because a four-year-old is getting all of my attention right now, I haven’t been anywhere near blogs for a couple of weeks. But when I saw in my email that this post was about David Harding, I had to stop in (the Princess is still sleeping).

    David is my #1 best blogging buddy, too! We’ve emailed back and forth, and I miss him when we don’t chat for a while. His old, now defunct, blog was was of the funniest things around, and I took the time to go back and read and comment on every post. It was worth it!

    You’re a great guy, too, Brother Jon! I just have have a huge soft spot in my heart for David. 🙂

    1. I have a soft spot for David too, ever since he let me win in that arm wrestling competition. He is so strong and muscley that everyone knew he let me win but I appreciated the sentiment.

  3. The amazing thing about blogging is that it DOES help you connect with so many people. Never in my life have I felt more positive about humanity, that there are actually many, many wonderful people out there.

    1. Yeah…it’s great. I think a very similar breed of person comes to the blogging community also. It often times seems like we all have very similar problems, which is great because we can all help each other out.

    1. That’s a great idea! Would you be able to make it? I see you’re starting to really make a name for yourself on Yahoo nowadays. Those tickets just might buy themselves.

      1. How much does a plane ticket to Australia cost? Is it $15? I should be able to make $15 from Yahoo by the end of next week. I’d probably have to transfer somewhere in California. So hopefully it’s $7.50 there then $7.50 to Australia. I may not be able to get home though….

    1. I just realized you wrote this before you even met me… You’re so sweet! Thank you! I’m so glad we had such a fun time at BI13 and can’t wait to see you again! 🙂

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