I Get Around

Day 31: A bit about your social life outside of WordPress.

Well, I enjoy keeping up on social media, but I’m not all that good at it. On Facebook I mostly just watch what is going on. Sometimes I share stuff and ‘like’ stuff…and delete invitations for Candy Crush Saga. (You know who you are guys!) All of my WordPress posts get shared on Facebook, both on my personal page and on my blog page (Brother Jon). I also have a Twitter…well actually I have two Twitters. I have a personal Twitter and a Blog Twitter (Bruddah_Jon). I’m not good at these either. I’m on Goodreads…but I don’t keep up with that. I have a LinkedIn profile that I check about once a month. I do enjoy sending e-mails back and forth with friends. This happens every once in a while.

Outside of the Cyber Web I also have opportunities to meet and great with friends. I’m a member of my local area’s Jaycees Chapter (broken record), my local Masonic Lodge and a member of the Freedom and Fireworks committee. I am also the First Councilor on my Church’s Ward Elder’s Quorum. All of these give me the opportunity to socialize with several different people at various times throughout the week. Jaycees meetings are on the first and third Wednesday of every month…with our events usually taking place during the weekends. The Lodge meeting takes place on the first Thursday of each month…with dinner beforehand. (I like food)  Church and Elder’s Quorum takes place on Sunday. There are also games nights and other types of things that usually happen on Fridays.

Amongst all of my friends I’m sort of “The Bachelor” so I get invited over for dinner pretty often. I socialize in between bites. It’s the best.

Who wouldn't want to socialize with this guy?
Who wouldn’t want to socialize with this guy?

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