Beautiful, Family

Day 19: Your thoughts on your family. (July 21st)

Well, my family reads this…for the most part. So…I need to be a bit delicate, or just offer one little slice of life. I think I’ll jut divvy up the one little slice. If you met my family…in it’s glorious entirety, you would understand why I’m as quiet as I am.

Day 20: What you think makes someone beautiful. (July 22nd) 

I’ve heard, a few times…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I’m not sure if I like this idiom, because it puts all the responsibility on an outside opinion. We can think…if a tree falls in the woods, does it still make a sound? Or, better yet…if a person, or thing, is beautiful and no one is around to see it, are they, or it, still beautiful? Or…even more better yet…if a person is beautiful and others can’t see past other certain aspects of said person…are they still beautiful?

Then there is inner and outer beauty. These are not mutually exclusive, but at times can be. It’s interesting to think that a usual opinion is that if a person has one they do not have the other. But, alas…I should actually answer the question, don’t you think?

I think that if a person truly believes themselves to beautiful then they are beautiful. Now, I don’t mean hot or sexy or any other kind of descriptive word like this. Just plain and simple beauty.

You're Beautiful
You’re Beautiful (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A very annoying way to tell you how it is.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful, Family

  1. What a beautiful oxymoron (and pun evidently):

    *cricket* for the first

    and a ramble before answering the question for the second!

  2. “I’m not sure if I like this idiom, because it puts all the responsibility on an outside opinion.”

    No it doesn’t. You can behold yourself. If you behold yourself and see beauty then it’s not an outside opinion. The idiom is true, though. Everyone’s perception of beauty is different.

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