Every Little Thing…Is Gonna Be Alright

Day 10: What you think when you hear the words “be yourself”?

I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard anyone say “Be yourself.” It just seems like the ultimate cliché saying from movies, television or radio. I don’t think people truly give out this kind of advice…and if they do, shame on them. You can do better.

One thing that does come to mind though is the resurgence of a World War II poster/saying from England. This thing is spreading like wild-fire, so much so that this year’s Monett Jaycees Carnival t-shirts will showcase this famous poster. This shirt will say

Keep Calm and Carnival On.

Have you figured out the saying yet? Most people in a certain demographic will probably say Keep Calm and Chive On…but I assure you this has been around longer than five years. The original is

Contemporary rendering of a poster from the Un...
Contemporary rendering of a poster from the United Kingdom reading “Keep Calm and Carry On”, created during World War II. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This seems like better advice to me than “Be Yourself”. Just saying.

3 thoughts on “Every Little Thing…Is Gonna Be Alright

  1. With the increasing amount of people trying to be someone they’re not, “be yourself” is fabulous, and unfortunately, essential advice. Because of the societal pressure of being a certain way, too many people try to meet societal expectations instead of being who they are.

  2. Be yourself is good advice, but it also has to take into account laws, morals, and other things. If we were all ourselves from the beginning then we would behave like cavemen. Not all of us of course. I do know though that nobody would ever want to learn anything and we would just be lazy and get fat. Carry is probably better advice. Of course there is much more that needs to be added, but it’s a start.

  3. I don’t know how this helped British people sleep at night.

    I think something like: “Leave Town, or Get Underground.” would have been more fitting.

    I suppose I hear “Just be you.” more than Be Yourself, but its the same concept.

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