Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Day 9: Things that make you happy.

Peach Cobbler

Maraschino Cherries

A good book


My Large TV

Family & Friends

Making someone laugh

Not being late

Ice Cold Coca-Cola

A song that I haven’t heard in a while coming on the radio (Call Me Maybe)

Jennifer Lawrence (I had to get the EXACT opposite of Steven Seagal.)

Disney kids that are normal (or Nickelodeon)

My sweet sideburns…and rocking head of hair

Just look at it.
Just look at it.

How humble I am

Giving the perfect gift


Peanut Butter Ice Cream Topping

Writing something meaningful

An unexpected phone call/text/visit

A morning that needs no Alarm Clock

Being able to help

Air Conditioning


Peacock in Portugal
Peacock in Portugal (Photo credit: Wouter Beckers)

When someone ‘gets the joke/reference’

I Alone ~ Live

The Laughing Baby

The “No. No! NO!!!” guy

Foot long corn dogs

A finished post

The next post

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13 thoughts on “Happy Happy, Joy Joy

  1. BroJo,
    Le Clown shares humility with you, it’s on his own list of things that make him happy, like his magnificence™, magnanimity, his pretty face and his pretty hair.
    Le Clown

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