Day 8: Things that make you sad.

Freezer Burn

A sandwich without mayonnaise

A burger without cheese

Anything without bacon

A song that doesn’t drop a beat

A blank screen, blinking cursor

A Steven Seagal movie

Steven Seagal in Hard to Kill.

Spoiled Milk

Empty Ice Trays

A text that isn’t returned

Not knowing

A pet that won’t cuddle

A sink full of dishes

A melted candy bar (You can still eat that!)

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10 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. A fridge without milk. Always makes me sad. So I suppose that is the same as curdled milk.

    And no. Unless it is on a smore, I do not mess with melted candy bars. I recently turned down a melted butterfinger. Best choice I made that day. It was a mess.

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